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According to personal trainer Danny Saltos these are the most common mistakes he sees clients making while working from home without a trainer. As most of us fumble our way through newly devised home sweat sessions, we thought a few of Danny’s tips might be incredibly useful.

Danny trains with women only — many of them, faces you might recognize like Camila Coehlo, Jen Atkin and Aimee Song. Self-guided home workouts can definitely pay off — there’s no doubt about it — here are a few of his top tips to correct your routine and find a happy, healthy balance…

The alarm clock goes off at 7am. You roll over to turn off your phone and slowly get out of bed. You go through your normal morning routine and then you get dressed for what would normally be a trip to the gym but instead we now make it all the way to the living room. You power up your laptop, iPhone, or computer and tune into your favorite trainers IG live workout or zoom class – sneakers optional.

This new era of fitness has forced up to get creative, pushed us outside of comfort zones, and challenged us to stay in shape all whilst staying within the confines of your home. With this new era of at home workouts there are also some common mistakes we all make. Here are the top five common mistakes and how we can avoid them.

Top 5 Most Common Home Workout Mistakes

getting too creative…with regard to fitness. Get creative, but not too creative. Sometimes we can actually get too creative and overlook the basics.

THE FIX – We don’t need to panic if we can’t get our hands on a set of dumbbells or ankle weights. Many movements can be done using things such as water bottles, towels, and even your favorite bottle of champagne that’s been sitting around for months. Keep it simple!

doing too much. The internet is saturated with workout content. As a result, many people become overwhelmed and end up doing 2 different workouts a day and follow 12 different trainers. I have come across a lot of women that are overtraining in quarantine.

THE FIX – Find two or three instructors you really like and create a schedule of workouts. Limit your workouts to 4-5 days a week and remember to take rest days. Rest days are key to recovery and building lean muscle.

not sticking with it. Not sticking to your workouts every week? This is the most common mistake I see. For a lot of people being home all the time is challenging because many of us do not the proper time management skills. We put off our workouts or just lack the motivation.

THE FIX – Get yourself a journal and a calendar. Writing down your goals in a journal is the best way to hold yourself accountable. The next step is creating a schedule in a calendar. This way you have a weekly routine that is written down. Success in preparation!

Not reaching out to friends for support. A lot of us had our gym buddies to hold us accountable but once quarantine hit we stopped using our friends to motivate us.

THE FIX – Get a group of friends together and join a zoom group workout. I know it’s not the same as heading to the gym with your bestie but having that sense of community is extremely important. Just seeing your friends faces and working out together will keep you motivated and connected.

Feeling off center? Humans are creatures of habit and we all have our rituals. A lot of those rituals got pushed to the back of the line with quarantine. Being home doesn’t mean you can’t have rituals or routines.

THE FIX – Create new routines. One of my favorite is meditation. Download an app like Headspace to help you along in guided meditation. Start new ways of connecting with your mind and body.

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