We try all the trends, we research all the protocols, but what are we actually eating everyday? We get asked about this all the time – most often from within our own community of optimized nutrition-obsessed wellness friends. Green living queen, Sophie Uliano, recently asked our EIC Suzanne Hall to share her daily diet. Watch the video above and get the notes below. Lots of classic Chalkboard topics here and a few bites we’re ready to explore more! 

water, water + Water | Suzanne’s day starts with quite a bit of water. Upon waking and before leaving the house for the day, she drinks 2-3 glasses or bottles. A favorite is Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water which is packed with a supplemental amount of magnesium. Suzanne explains that Pellegrino also contains supplemental calcium. Great ways to sneak extra minerals into your diet daily. Staying hydrated throughout the day is easy when you start things off on the right foot!

Superfood lattes | After hydrating, Suzanne drinks superfood lattes for breakfast and throughout the mid-morning. Lattes are a great way to add supplements and adaptogens to the diet in warm almond milk. Lattes always includes Pressed Juicery almond milk or hemp milk and half-caff espresso to tamp down the caffeine intake since she usually drinks two. At times, she even leaves coffee out of the latte because there are so many other energizing ingredients.

…with Protein powder | Something that nearly always makes it into the superfood lattes is protein powder. Favorites include chocolate peanut-butter protein powder by Amazing Grass which is full of greens, whey protein by The Nue Co and vanilla goat protein powder from Mattole Valley.

…with Sun Potion yin power + Tocos | Tocos are basically just rice bran solubles. They are packed with vitamin E, have a creamy texture when blended and taste like vanilla frosting. If you want to put other things in your latte and not thicken it so much, tocos can be eaten right off the spoon too. Sun Potion Tocos  Another Sun Potion staple for superfood lattes is Yin Power which contains a blend of adaptogens, mushrooms and pearl especially for women.

…with GoldynGlow Goldyn Milk | This turmeric superfood blend is made with cacao. GoldynGlow combines cacao, which is a far more traditional ingredient to add to your latte, but also turmeric – anti-inflammatory, mineral-rich, and vitamin-dense. Turmeric can provide a rich flavor to lattes you might love.

Spicy Lemon Water with ginger | After protein-rich superfood lattes for most of the mid-day, Suzanne gets a kick of anti-inflammatory hydration with Pressed Juicery’s spicy lemon water spiked with their ginger shot.It’s extra spicy, great for circulation and full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory benefits.

the giant Salad | Suzanne’s day might be beverage heavy, but late lunch and early dinner interchangably include a giant salad with everything in it or nori wraps. For a giant salad, she starts with almost an entire bag of organic greens like arugula or a whole head of romaine or a large box of Whole Foods or Erewhon salad bar greens. A large bowl of greens makes an excellent base for cooked and raw veggies, spiraled carrots and zucchini, clean proteins, olives, ground flax and other essentials.

…And The ultimate dressing | Suzanne makes her own dressing with dark mustard, virgin olive oil, miso, raw apple cider vinegar, pink salt and dried herbs. Her secret of a nourishing, easy dressing? Hummus. Thicken your oil and vinegar or salad dressing with your favorite flavor of hummus. You’ll get tons of fiber, protein and clean fats – and flavor galore. Favorite brand of hummus: sprouted versions by Majestic. The flavor in this video is actually goji berry.

…with Sardines | Yep. Sardines – almost always canned. There’s a lot of controversy right now about seafood. Everyone knows that cold water fish are incredibly good for your brain, your skin and your heart, but the further you go up the food chain the more potential for pollution, heavy metals and radiation coming from Japan’s nuclear issues. Sardines are very low on the food chain, but very high in the same healthy fats you’d expect from salmon and other classic fish.

Nori Wraps | For dinner, as an alternative to a giant salad, there are also nori wraps. Sheets of nori seaweed, normally used to roll sushi, can also be used to roll anything you’d put in a salad or sandwich.Everything from Suzanne’s giant salad will fit just fine in thrown into a nori wrap. You’re getting all the nutrition of the nori and skipping the processed oil and grains in so many wraps and tortillas. Throw some leftover quinoa, veggies, avocado and greens into a wrap for little hand rolls that pack a punch!

dark chocolate with benefits: For sweets and snacks, Suzanne goes for chocolates that are high in healthy fats, superfoods and clean ingredients. That includes Unreal’s Chocolate Almond Butter Cups and mini-cups that make portion control easy and are made without cheap fillers and coconut cherry chocolate bites from Alter Eco made from coconut, cherries and nuts with no processed oils and sweetened with monkfruit. Oh — and dipped in plenty of dark chocolate. Chocolates like these are perfect for afternoon snacks or to soothe an after-dinner sweet tooth.

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