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The Clean team is a stellar group of nutritionists, wellness coaches, chefs, and medical professionals all helping Dr. Junger’s Clean Program clients through different levels of healing and detoxification. In his latest book, Clean Gut, a sequel of sorts to the best-selling and simply-titled, Clean, Dr. Junger and his team dial in even deeper on the importance of gut health – the root of so many illnesses and conditions.

We asked our friends Jenny and Jessi at Clean to unwrap the topic of gut health a little for us all. Too often, we assume that gut health relates only to those with gluten sensitivities or conditions related directly with bad digestion, but the truth is that what’s going on in your gut determines so much of what is going on through out your body and mind!  Jenny Nelson and Jessi Heinze are breaking it down…

Why should we focus on our guts? Because a healthy gut means overall optimal health for the body and mind. When we say gut, we actually mean the whole digestive system, as outlined by Dr. Alejandro Junger in his new book, Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health.

Digestion begins in the mouth but it doesn’t stop there. Digestion is actually a long process through the body involving many factors. If something is amiss in your digestive tract, it can have far-reaching negative effects in the body and the mind. If digestion effecting the mind surprises you, consider this: A large percentage of serotonin is actually produced in our guts, or what is commonly referred to as our “second brains.” So when your gut isn’t functioning properly and serotonin isn’t being produced, or it isn’t reaching the “first brain” in your head, depression, seasonal-affective disorder, mood swings, lowered immunity, and nerve issues are quick to follow.

Serotonin isn’t the only thing produced in our gut. We also have a constantly changing population of bacteria, good and bad. We need both to keep our bodies in balance overall, but for many people in today’s modern world, an imbalance with more bad bacteria than good makes them sick. An overgrowth of bad bacteria can lead to yeast problems like candida, IBS, and general poor health.

Eating lots of fermented foods rich in probiotics, avoiding antibiotics whenever possible, taking a probiotic supplement, and avoiding refined, processed and sugary foods will help keep the good bacteria flourishing and the bad bacteria in check. If someone is seriously out of balance, a gut specific program, like the one Dr. Junger outlines, will really help.

Since our immune systems lie primarily in the gut, it also makes sense that an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and overall gut imbalance will lead to lowered immunity and we’ll be run down, sick and more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Compromised gut health is a pre-cursor to any autoimmune disease. Probiotics, antioxidant-rich foods, eliminating trigger foods and toxins, healing the gut and rebuilding up the good bacteria are all part of supporting the immune system so you can stay well.

Chronic inflammation, as seen in arthritis, is also linked to gut health. Problems like leaky gut, inadequate beneficial bacteria, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut can all contribute to chronic inflammation, so add chronic inflammation to the list of all the overwhelming reasons for keeping our guts healthy and supported!

Our insides can also greatly affect our outsides. Chronic skin issues like acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis can be primarily linked to our gut health. In fact, one study has linked pathogenic bacterial overgrowth to acne, showing that those with a bacterial infection are ten times more likely to have skin disruptions. Probiotics and a nutrient-dense diet are a great way to combat problem skin and a compromised gut.

Proper nutritional support is key in healing and boosting the immune system. It is important to support our bodies with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to fuel our system. The higher your nutrient reserves are, the stronger your immune system can be. Gut health is crucial for proper digestion, and the assimilation and absorption of nutrients through food. When the gut is in poor shape, you cannot break down and absorb food properly. Not only do you miss out on necessary vitamins and minerals when this happens, but it can also cause a lot of inflammation and confusion in the body. When a food isn’t broken down fully and the gut is damaged, larger particles of the food may enter the bloodstream and cause the immune system to launch an attack, because it sees your lunch as an intruder rather than a meal. Some food sensitivities and allergy-like symptoms can be caused by this chain of events. As you heal your gut with proper diet and some supportive supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics, you may notice that you are able to tolerate more foods, and you no longer have seasonal allergy symptoms.

Toxic foods and chemicals are not the only causes of gut damage. Toxic thoughts can cause trouble, too. Stress has a major effect on your health overall, and it can really do a number on your gut. You may notice changes in your digestion or elimination when you’re stressed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Chronic stress may lead to larger gut problems like IBS, GERD or ulcers. Some studies have shown that stress slows digestion and elimination, encourages overgrowth of bad bacteria, and even compromises the intestinal barrier – making it difficult to properly absorb foods and keep foreign invaders out – and can make you more susceptible to illness and disease by weakening the immune system.

Learn More….Win your own copy of Clean Gut!

We’re loving this guide to gut health and are giving away one copy of Clean Gut to a lucky reader. Win your own copy by leaving your comments below – have tips and insights? They’ll up your chances of winning!

Good luck, readers!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Junger’s. Read CLEAN many years ago when it first came out and followed the cleanse several times. However, in the last two years I’ve suffered greatly from candida. I have tried everything to rid my gut of this issue from strict diets, juice fasts, parasite cleanses, and my current protocol an oxy aloe flush which I’ve been on for several months. Although better, my chronic yeast infection, a sure sign of candida, still occurs. I’m very frustrated by my situation and truthfully at wit’s end. Perhaps Dr. Junger’s book is the answer. I’d love a copy to find out.

    maria | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  2. I have been patiently waiting for Dr. Junger’s book to come out since I heard about it from my doctor in January. Through changing my diet to plant based and gluten-free I have been able to almost completely remove my IBS symptoms. This book would be a great read to further increase my knowledge of the gut and help me on my road to recovery.

    Nicole | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  3. What a coincidence…I am on Day 5 of my Clean Gut cleanse! I just want to give a shout-out to the Clean Team. They have been an invaluable resource since I embarked on this journey to better health. Anyone who is considering giving the Clean Gut program a try should definitely join the online Clean Community. It is such a great place to get feedback and support from both the Clean Team members and other people who are on the cleanse program. Less than a week in, and I am already seeing the potential for improved overall health and well-being. Thanks, Dr. Junger, for sharing your expertise with the world 🙂

    Rachael | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  4. I live by this! I am a pescetarian and take probiotics daily…I haven’t been sick in YEARS! I love this way of life and I’m so glad you’re helping others understand.

    Brandy Myers | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  5. wow! so glad you shared this book with the blog! as a health care practitioner, I am always looking for new reads and perspectives. looking forward to reading this book.

    Sharon | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  6. I have been a huge Dr. Junger fan for over a year now, and his program and insight has truly changed my life for the better. My relationship with food is much healthier, and many symptoms of my past unhealthy choices have subsided, and I have much more energy, yet am calmer. I, too, am a pescetarian and take probiotics daily and have not been sick in a very long time. Thank you, Dr. Junger and the CLEAN Team!

    kristen | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  7. Very interesting about the serotonin…I never knew that. Am very interested in learning more from the book…a nice clean gut would be so nice.

    Corinne T | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  8. I have been struggling with this problem for years after a month of antibiotics threw me over the edge, I would love to read more.

    Becky Hering | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  9. Very interesting! I’m suffering of severe acne since many years and this article is giving me hopes.

    Zeno | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  10. My 6 year old suffers from eczema in his arms. He takes probiotics and I would like to read what Dr. Junger has to say about Gut health.

    Vaishali | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  11. This book may provide some answers for me. I’m looking forward to it! I have a HUGE interest in health and would rather read books about diet and food science than anything else. (In fact I took about 30lbs of health and diet books on my recent vacation.)

    As I read more, I’m realizing that so much of my health depends on my digestion, and this is where I need the most help!

    Amanda | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  12. What a great article! I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager (I’m now 36) and was recently diagnosed with system candida. I have given up dairy and refined sugar, white flour and processed food. I am still trying to kick the coffee but I am down to one cup a day:) I now start my day with warm lemon water to kick start my digestion and have also included fermented vegetables. This would be a great book to make sure I am eating the right foods and understanding the relationship between food and skin (which I’ve been told by every dermatologist that there is no relationship between the two).

    Natalie Johnston | 06.12.2013 | Reply
    • Are you supplementing with high strength probiotics and anti-fungals like oregano oil?

      Raewyn | 11.03.2013 | Reply
  13. I would love to win a copy of this book a learn more about maintaining and creating a “clean gut.” I’ve been gluten free for almost two years and take a probiotic daily, but I know there is more I can be doing to boost my mood and overall health!

    Ashley | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  14. Remember the old saying “it’s not what your eating it’s what’s eating you” ~ true! Curious to check out the book! But if it involves taking alot of expensive pills/tablets/vitamins….I will pass!

  15. i would simply love a copy of this book because I am seeking knowledge in this area of health. I know the key to my health is in my gut and I am trying to get it as healthy as I can. I really need this book.

    nedra | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  16. I gotta get my hands on a copy of this! I’ve struggled for years with terrible GI issues and in the past year, changing my awareness of my diet to eliminate many triggers has made a huge difference. However, I know my periphery on the subject is really limited, and I would love to learn Dr. Junger’s perspective and insights and apply them to my (and my family’s) well-being. Cheers!

    Cathy | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  17. I am so excited for this book. I’ve been hearing alot of positives about Dr. Junger. I have struggled with chronic illness that has only gotten worse as I age, and I am looking into the idea of gut healing to improve my quality of life.

    Tammi D. | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  18. This book looks amazing. I am definitely interested in the 4R strategy. I am actually studying these protocols at school and it looks like Dr. Junger is on spot and has made them user friendly 🙂

    1.REMOVE any allergenic foods & any excess yeast and parasites, oh my!
    2.REPLACE any limiting digestive factors (stomach acid and/or enzymes)
    3.REINOCULATE with the good bugs
    4.REPAIR the gut with nutritional support (finally, right?!?)

    Would love to have a copy of this book to help future clients 🙂


    Michelle @lifeaftergrains | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  19. Ahhh can’t wait to read this! Such an important aspect of your health to understand!

    Taye | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  20. I have been thoroughly gluten, dairy and sugar-free since January 14 of this year when I began my second CLEAN cleanse. When my 21 days ended I found that with the exception of reintroducing some — very few — non-cleanse foods, I did not want to reintroduce what I really did not miss. I wold love to win a copy of CLEAN GUT to see how I can further enhance the healing that has taken place. I have only had one series of numbers since the cleanse but am about to be retested from levels my doctor seems to love.

    Myra Rustin | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  21. I was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease, alopecia. As a 39 year old female, losing your hair is difficult to come to terms with. I have found the specialists I have seen to just treat the symptoms, not the cause so I am very interested to read information such as this and the relationship between food and the immune system. I would love to win this book to get all the facts!

    Jennifer green | 06.12.2013 | Reply
  22. Great article! I have become interested in fermented foods and their healing power, & interested in this book! Thank you for spreading the word.

    cheryl terrace | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  23. A very timely book – I’ve noticed so many people lately have mentioned issues with their gut – stress factors, gmo’s, antibiotics in food chain, sugar and gluten-laden diets, who knows? But this seems to be the issue of the day for a lot of us.

  24. I don’t have any tips to share, which is why I need to read this book!

    Kenz | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  25. This is a timely book, and one I definitely need to read. With Crohn’s disease, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue plaguing me I KNOW my gut is in dire need of help. Thank you for this article, and for the opportunity to win this book from an author and doctor whose words I admired in the film.

    Kim Owens | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  26. I am a Registered Nurse and I have been working in the Medical dept. of a well known Health Resort for the past 10 years. After 35 years in the health profession, working in Hospitals, MD offices, Community, etc, I have never learned so much about the Gut and its relationship to illness. Nutrition plays a major role in our health and wellness. So many people come to us as a last resort (no pun intended) due to autoimmune and digestive issues. We must clean up our intake to a better and healthier life.

    Judy | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  27. Wow, looks timely and very interesting.

    Jess | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  28. I’m a newbie at this– just starting to learn about probiotics, and remembering to eat a daily helping of fermented food. I’m a good learner, though. I will read Dr. Junger’s book, even if I don’t win a free copy. I hope I win, though.

    Lynn Somerstein | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  29. Just starting out with all this. I have added the juice of 1/2 lemon with a cup of water, first thing when I get in the kitchen and last thing before I turn off the kitchen light at night. It has helped tremendously. And, of course, adding pure, cold-pressed juices that I make, for at least one meal a day, has changed everything. Thanks for your informative site. I really appreciate it.

  30. This sounds fascinating, and I’ve been meaning to look into digestive health for a while but didn’t know when to start. If I don’t win, I think I’ll have to pop down to my library and borrow it!

    Kaelyn | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  31. I am so excited for this book. I am very interested in gut health due to my psoriasis. I have noticed great improvements by drinking green smoothies and supplementation. I really due think the skin is the window to gut health. I also noticed that I have had no seasonal allergies this year, which I have attributed to trying to take better care of my gut. While I still have a long way to go, I was able to go off all my harsh steroids without too much backlash. I love reading all the tips from this site. You guys have introduced me to lots of new things, and I am healthier for it 🙂

    Christina | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  32. Wow, so many fellow seekers here! I work for one of the docs at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and I recently heard Dr. Andrew Weil say that among the biggest perpetrators of chronic inflammation are “pulverized grains” (refined flour) and fruit juice. Being age 32 and a healthy eater, I was baffled by how my blood sugar readings kept measuring high. Now I understand that refined grains and anything sweet converts straight to sugar.

    Sarah | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  33. I would love to win this book! It couldn’t come at a better time for me! I was recently diagnosed with GERD and stomach ulcers. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience and I’m researching what I can do (besides medication) to eliminate this problem. It sounds like this book has some wonderful insight.

  34. would love to win…this seems like synchronicity…I’ve been having stomach troubles and it sounds like reading this book would help!

    Linda | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  35. I would love to win this!

    Leslie | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  36. I have been researching the relationship between the foods I eat and specific health conditions and skin issues. The power of food is truly amazing! I have acne and eczema, and have seen how certain foods make these conditions better or worse. When I eat certain foods, I feel energized, but with others, I feel drained. I definitely feel that many health conditions and illnesses originate from the gut. My overall digestion has also been “off” for quite a while. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t digest foods well as I often become bloated and less regular. I am trying to determine which foods and lifestyle changes would benefit my digestion. I think this book would help me immensely in finally getting to the bottom of these issues!

    Donna F. | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  37. I have acid reflux/GERD which my gastro doctor is treating with medications that have a number of side effects. I would love to skip these meds and treat my problem in a food based way. I also hold onto a lot of stress which often gets manifested as digestive problems. Yoga and meditation are great ways to alleviate some of these negative effects. I would love to win this book so I can heal my gut and ditch these meds for good!

    Adele | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  38. just heard a webcast with Dr. Junger and Dr.Meyers. Would love to win book!

    myra | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  39. Just heard about this and have become very interested in cleaning up my diet and achieving better health. I’ve been suffering from colds and was recently told by a naturopath that my thyroid was slow.

    heather | 06.14.2013 | Reply
  40. As a doctor, I see plenty of people who come in with GI complaints ranging from constipation, to bloating, to cramps that end up causing them to feel overall unwell. Digging deep enough, I usually find that their diets are mostly to blame. I love the concept of a clean gut. I try to get my patients to “cleanse” themselves by removing processed foods and eating items that work in synergy with the body. I def would love to read this book to see their POV.

    Elora | 06.14.2013 | Reply
  41. I have dealt with GI issues for over 10 years now and I’d love to learn more by winning this book! I am actually off all meds and by eating healthy and exercising, I have kept my colitis symptoms under control. I am constantly reading anything I can about gut health and sharing it with others in my family who deal with similar issues.

    Lisa @ Lisa Living Well | 06.15.2013 | Reply
  42. Thank you for offering us this snippet into Dr. Junger’s new book. I have suffered digestive/gut issues for years. Just when I think I have it figured out my issues flare up again. This book is a definite on my must read list.

    Carrie | 06.15.2013 | Reply
  43. I read CLEAN and it changed the way I thought about medicine and food. I immediately started juicing and have been ever since (over 3 years). I’ve never had any issues, just knew I needed to be healthier and get more veggies in, and I don’t love most veggies, but I do love juiced veggies (weird I know). I’m curious about this new book — wondering how is it different from the previous one?

    Meg Biram | 06.16.2013 | Reply
  44. I have been wanting to get this message through to my mom who has been caring for my dad as his health continues to slowly decline. This book looks like a great gift for her summertime reading!

    Jenny | 06.17.2013 | Reply
  45. this couldn’t have come at a better time! Feeling frustrated and not sure where to turn to… this book is what I need. After seeing the GI doctor and them saying that IBS is purely “mental” I wasn’t sure where to turn. I hope I win this book so I can find the right ways to heal my gut.

    Ashley | 06.17.2013 | Reply
  46. I read Clean and I loved it. I have been doing the self version of the cleanse. And I am amazed at the human body. Dr Junger has a wonderful way of explaining things and I would love to win his new book. Also we are both from Uruguay!! : )

    Adriana Ahumada | 06.17.2013 | Reply
  47. No processed foods!! I’ve been having horrible digestive issues lately and I would love to read Dr Junger’s new book! His old book helped me so much and I think this would make a huge difference in my health. I’ve eaten a plant based diet for two years now and I don’t think its helping me with my digestive issues. Hoping Clean Gut could provide me with some information to heal

    rachel s | 06.17.2013 | Reply
  48. I have not gone to the bathroom (#2) in two years now. Suffering many years of having a very hard time passing stools it has increasingly gotten more difficult. They put me on prozac as a kid telling me that it was because i lacked sufficient serotonin in the gut but this did not help. I am looking into the gaps diet by Dr Cambell. I have a severe case of SIBO (small bacterial intestinal overgrowth) I earned a Degree in Holistic Nutrition and teach yoga as my life has come dealing around this issue. My question is I sometimes really loose hope that I will ever be able to take a sh** ever again. and im only 25yrs old. What advice can you give me?

    annesophie leary | 06.18.2013 | Reply
  49. I finished the 3 week cleanse and am in week 4. I noticed when I added dairy back, I used my former whey protien powder. I noticed right away that I was clearing my throat. That has to be an allergic reaction, what a surprise. I stopped it and am on day 2 back to the cleanse. Tomorrow I will try 2 days with bread and see how I do with that. I was really surprised with the cleanse, I did not miss sweets, but I did miss the smell and warmth of coffee. I have rosacea, so I need to stay on the clean eating and get Dr. Jungers new book. This has been an awesome esperience for me because I did not know if I could or would stick to it, but I did and I am so proud of myself! That’s a good feeling. Thanks to the team.

    Susan M | 06.19.2013 | Reply
  50. getting ready to start 21 day cleanse

  51. I would like to read about health in this book, because I have cyst in on my liver & kidneys. I would like to know if eating the proper food and their healing power would help……Thanks in advance for any information you may share.

    Dorothy | 06.19.2013 | Reply
  52. My husband and I are in our 60’s. We live on a very limited income and have no health insurance. It is necessary for us to get healthy and stay healthy. We have been trying to get our “gut” clean. This book would help with giving us the information we need to do it properly and successfully. Thank you for all the information that is available for free. It has helped us a lot.

    Cindy | 06.20.2013 | Reply
  53. I’ve made quite a few changes to my diet, more vegies, probiotics and what a difference it’s made! I watched a film ‘GMO Roulette’ and much was mentioned about the epidemic of leaky gut, and our diet. The more I read the more I want to stay on the path to good health, every day gets better and better! Thanks for all the incredibly helpful info, what a great sight!

    Heidi Stanton | 06.20.2013 | Reply
  54. ‘Clean Gut’ has been at the top of my summer reading list! I became interested in Junger’s work after reading some of the cleanse recipes in Gwyneth Paltrow’s books, and another book on alkaline/digestive health, ‘The Body Ecology Diet’ by Donna Gates. I’ve experienced how clean eating and maintaining a healthy internal ecosystem can have a dramatic and lasting positive impact on health and beauty. In order to continue on this path of vitality and prevention, I can’t wait to read Clean Gut!

    My tip? Also check out ‘The Art of Fermentation’ by Sandor Katz to learn more about making (super simple) fermented foods that support digestion like Sauerkraut and Kimchi!

    Jill | 06.20.2013 | Reply
  55. I just bought the book, as a long-time sufferer of IBS and other gut issues and am starting the program. So far so good…however, there is a misprint on page 98 (the Canadian version), for lunch it says you should select from any of the food from the Clean Gut Diet, pg. 98. For dinner it says select from any of the recipes in the back and a salad. I spoke with the company (from the author’s website) and it should read “for lunch, select any meal from the recipies in the book and for dinner it’s just a salad (you can add protein if you like)”.

    Inez | 06.20.2013 | Reply
    • Inez– That’s been driving me crazy–In my copy, it says that on page 98 itself! Under the section headed “LUNCH”, it says, “A meal from the Clean Gut diet (page 98)”, but that itself IS on page 98. Then under “DINNER” it says “A meal from the “Recipes” section (page 151)”. So did the company rep. tell you that these two refer to the same thing? That both lunch and dinner meals refer to this latter section of the book?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      John M. | 01.23.2014 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 06.21.2013 | Reply
  57. can’t wait to try pressed juicer. I live in Camarillo but will drive to Montecito, YAY!!

    Brandi | 06.27.2013 | Reply
  58. The idea that you clean your gut goes hand in hand with strengthening the core. I want to win this book because it will be the missing link to my getting healthy. Currently I am doing water aerobics. I am sure if I coupl that wwiththis wonderful program that I will look 30 again. I really would love to win this book.

    Myra Wilson | 07.12.2013 | Reply
  59. Having a clean gut and ridding yourself of Candida first allows all of your bodies
    Systems and hormones to function the way they should. Removing the toxic burden
    of processed foods is incredibly important. If it is from a box, bag or can do not
    consume it. At our clinic in Chicago we counsel patients to shop in the periphery
    of the grocery store. After your liver is cleansed and you remove sugars for at least
    3 weeks patients see a change in not only their Gut Health but many symptoms
    they may have been living with disappear. I have seen patients clear up skin conditions, such
    as eczema, acne, psoriasis, hemroids, gastric reflux, anxiety, mild depression, lower
    high blood pressure, and another amazing side effect; permanant weight loss! Clearing up
    the Gut can change everything in your life. It is refreshing to see an MD write on this
    Very topic that I as an Integrative Nutritionist as well as my husband who is a Chiropractor
    is passionate about in helping people to get well. We hold their hands every step of the
    way through our 5 & 12 week wellness plans. We would love to have this book as
    a resource to help patients to stay the course and make lasting change for a healthier future!
    Linda Arrandt, {twitter, well coach 312}

    Linda | 07.16.2013 | Reply
  60. Just purchased the book and am planning on starting program on Monday. Is the entire 21 days the 2 liquid meals and the solid meal at noon? Unclear. Also, is this the support group? If not, how do I join it?


    Bobbi | 07.27.2013 | Reply
  61. I am always interested in the connection between what we take in and what is manifested..the book sounds intelligent and provocative and I would love to read it. Checking out their website now…

  62. I loved the first book clean and have wanted to try the clean program! I think this is the some of the most important information on the market. This is the way that we can create healthier people and a healthier society as a whole.

    Lisa | 08.16.2013 | Reply
  63. I just lucked up and found your website this morning. I have been dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety this summer. It had gotten really bad. Then I went to an integrative doctor which told me to stop gluten. I have been off gluten for three weeks and it is amazing the difference in the way I feel. I am a newbie for sure in eating more fresh vegetables. I was brought up to eat meet and potatoes. It is a big change for me but it is definitely worth it. I am trying to read everything to learn as quickly as possible how to make the change. Thank you for this website. I have said that there has to be a way that I can help others learn what we are doing to our bodies after I get myself straightened out. It is amazing at where society has directed this country, with our fast pace, fast food living.
    Thank you for your work and guidance.

    Steve | 08.17.2013 | Reply
  64. Would love to read this book. A new day today with the goal of eating better for the next month. Need some good information.

    michele | 09.03.2013 | Reply
  65. Would be so great to read this. Started thinking about digestion and how it affects my whole day (yes really!) over the past few months, and am keen to find clean, natural ways to good digestive health… And more than just prunes!

    Sophie | 10.08.2013 | Reply
  66. I am a mum of 5 young children over in Australia. I have been diagnosed with asthma and adrenal fatigue, I am constantly exhausted and would love to start a ‘repair’ program to help me get back on track. I eat really well, but something is still not just quite right. Reading this book definitely sounds like it would help put some of the puzzle pieces together for me (and for the benefit of my family!). Thank you.

    Melanie | 10.16.2013 | Reply
  67. I’m just getting started with the Clean Gut theory, and Dr. Junger’s practices. It indeed peaks my interest. Five years ago I went to a Celiac specialist who said I did not suffer from a gluten intolerance but rather a bacterial infection in my small intestine, and prescribed doxysycline to treat the bacteria. I got really sick and all I could manage to do was sleep and work, and maybe eat on occasion. I have been gluten free for 5 years, and have seen a drastic improvement. I used to sweat in the middle of the night like I was fighting a flu, achy muscles consistently, headaches, constipation, extreme fatigue etc. I still have adult acne, and have seen some naturopathic doctors along the way. I have no idea what to use topically. I have used Lush and products from Whole Foods to Proactiv and dermatologist prescribed creams. I have been told I have a problem with absorption. I am currently taking a probiotic, an adrenal support supplement, and loosely eating under the guidelines of the Dr. Junger diet. No animal proteins with grains or beans, gluten free/ dairy free sometimes, and fruits by themselves. I believe caffeine has an effect on me, but I can’t seem to shake the 1 cup a day regimen. Any suggestions?

  68. My 19 year old daughter was diagnosed 1 month ago with moderate severe Chron’s Disease. Her flare I believe began in January and from that time to the beginning of April is when we got the official diagnosis. With much frustration with the traditional health care system, we have decided to go the holistic route into her healing. We have turned down the drugs as that is not getting to the cause. I want to know what is causing her gut problems. This book sounds great and I stumbled upon it at just the right time. Right now she is getting muscle tested for what foods to eliminate for now and they are a lot!!! I feel for my daughter as she doesn’t have many choices for food right now as her gut begins to heal.

    Kim Harris | 05.11.2015 | Reply

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