Notes From Inside This Week’s Clean Beauty Panel At Soho House

Earlier this week we joined TCM readers and other natural beauty fanatics for a panel discussion on clean beauty at one of our favorite spots in the city, Soho House West Hollywood. As part of an ongoing series of discussions between industry leaders, makers and consumers named EcoSessions our editor in chief, Suzanne Hall, moderated a panel of three passionate industry pros we love.

Our panel included the green makeup artist, Katey Denno (see our recent video series with Katey), the founder of Vapour Organic Beauty, Kristine Keheley, and the founder of ILIA Beauty, Sasha Plavsic. Vapour and ILIA are both on our short list of top green beauty brands and we loved hearing more from these leaders in the industry.  During the evening these pros addressed topics from non-negotiable ingredients to avoid (nix the synthetic fragrance!), favorite products that could convert skeptics (see what 24 natural pros have to say) and what changes they’ve been most excited to witness on the clean beauty scene – from eco-packaging to the firestorm of interest in the whole industry of late!

As every body is different, one of the most important takeaways was how crucial it is for consumers to take charge of their own safety and knowledge – not just rely on branding. Below,  as promised to panel attendees, we’re sharing our short list of the most trusted resources to guide your green shopping.

Have a burning beauty question? Email us or leave your comment below and we’re happy to address! See all our natural beauty coverage here. 

EWG’s Skin Deep DataBase | Check out individual ingredients as you read labels and even look up specific products and get their ratings in this massie database. You can even download an app to scan barcodes and systemize cleaner shopping on the fly. LEARN MORE

The Never List | Never say never, unless it’s to these toxic chemicals found in many cosmetics. This list from the founder of always-reliable Beautycounter clears up confusion about those mysterious ingredients we can’t pronounce by explaining what they do so we actually know why to avoid them. LEARN MORE

The Dirty Dozen | Another great list we published earlier this season: this Dirty Dozen list from MPWR Skincare takes the popular organic foods idea and applies it to our makeup bags and vanities, making it easier to narrow down what’s safe to love and what to steer clear of. LEARN MORE

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