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An event like the Oscars allows clean beauty’s brightest stars to share their very best work. Last night’s award show celebrated both age and racial diversity, and the looks have never been more masterful. We’re highlighting three — Zoe Saldana’s skin prep, Kate Hudson’s makeup look, and Stephanie Hsu’s Old Hollywood hair to show you how three talented beauty pros put clean products to work…

Oscars’ Skin Prep for Zoe Saldana

According to Lord Gavin McLeod Valentine, “Through techniques of fascia manipulation, rhythmic massage and radiofrequency, we trigger a reaction that amplifies the connectivity of the skin tissue and accelerates the function of the products, providing results that are visible instantly rather than over time.”

Start with applying Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm, to clean skin, while delivering a gentle massage to release tension in the neck and jaw, and encourage blood flow. Next, apply the Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel to deeply penetrate the pores and remove barriers for active products to come followed by an Oxygen Infusion powered with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, squalane, Vitamins A C E to build a reservoir of hydration.

Next, applying the Augustinus Bader The Face Oil, Gavin delivers a facial massage inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kobido to activate the facial muscles and lymph nodes, followed by Effleurage to encourage the breakup of lymphatic drainage
Next, applying the Augustinus Bader The Face Cream Mask, Gavin applies cryo sticks to work underneath the cheekbones and thread through the temple for increased lymphatic drainage.

Applying the Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream, Gavin puts clients under an LED light to tighten the fibers of the skin, lift and rhythmically contract the muscles. This is followed with a second round of Effleurage to remove any remaining congestion.

The process is finished with a Radiofrequency treatment that settles the skin and a Contour Kinetic Suction. The results are then sealed with Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream. Gavin leaves his clients with a guided meditation designed to bring them to a place of deep relaxation and help them to envision the evening before them.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Tonya Brewer for Kate Hudson

Celebrity makeup artist Tonya Brewer channels whimsical glam for presenter Kate Hudson’s Oscars look last night.  “Kate wanted whimsical fairy glam for the Oscars. I decided to give her the most beautiful glowing skin and a subtle iridescence on the eyes, doe eyed lashes and a soft neutral lip, all thanks to the magic of Kjaer Weis!”

First, I prepped the skin with The Beautiful Hydration Serum. I really worked it to saturate the skin for extra hydration and luminosity. Then, I started bronzing with the Powder Bronzer in Bask. I started at the perimeter and highpoints of the face and nose to add a sun-kissed look. Next, I went in with Cream Foundation in Paper Thin for the full face. It melted beautifully with the bronzer for an all over glow.

After, I applied the Brow Gel in Blonde to frame the face and give the brows the shape I wanted and filled in any sparse areas.

For her eyes, I used Cream Eye Shadow in Smolder on the lid for all over coverage. I used the Eyeshadow Quadrant in Wanderer for the crease to contour the eye and a little under the lash line for definition. I used the Cream Glow in Radiance to add a bit of sparkle to the eye. I went under the top lash line with Eye Pencil in Brown, curled the lashes, and applied Im-Possible Mascara for major volume.kjaer weis

For the cheeks, the bronzer already gave them nice definition, so I was able to just add the same Cream Glow used on the eyes, to right above the bronzer and on the bridge of the nose. I then applied Cream Blush in Embrace to the apples of the cheeks for a dewy touch of color that melted into the skin.

I finished off lining the lip with the Lip Pencil in Bare then applied Nude, Naturally Lipstick in Calm. On top, I added Lip Gloss in Treasure to perfectly finish the look.

Finally, I applied the Body Oil to highlight and plump her already beautiful skin.

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Stephanie Hsu’s Red Carpet Hair by Brian Fisher

Celebrity hairstylist Brian Fisher took inspiration from the idea of ‘reclaiming the Hollywood starlet’ for Best Supporting Actress nominee Stephanie Hsu’s look at last night’s Oscars. Stephanie’s look “was very collaborative. We loved the idea of a healthy modern wave still feeling old Hollywood. As her dress is so formal we loved the idea of the ease and youthful energy of her hair down.”stephanie hsu oscars beauty 2023

On clean damp hair I applied the FEKKAI Clean Stylers Root Lift Volume Spray to the roots and the FEKKAI Clean Stylers Prime Mist throughout lengths in 1-inch sections.

Next, I used Tangle Teezer’s Wide Tooth Comb to evenly distribute the styling products while quickly removing tangles. This dual-sided comb’s flexible two-tiered teeth provide a deeper detangle to eliminate knots while never pulling or breaking the hair.fekkai haircare review

After applying the FEKKAI Brilliant Gloss Glass Hair Anti-Frizz Oil Serum to the ends, I blow dried the sides and back of hair. Blow dry top section, over directing roots and misting sections with the Clean Stylers Flexi-Hold Hairspray before pinning them to cool. I smoothed the right side of the hair back using the Clean Stylers Glossing Cream+ and brushed behind the ear to add volume and texture.Using hairspray on each section I waved the hair using a twist and wrap method, pinning to cool completely before brushing out.

I then gently brushed out her hair for a smooth and shiny finish. The brush’s unique bottle shaped teeth were designed to dry-style, and keep strands perfectly in place. I used the hairspray to set all over style knowing that I will be able to go back later and restyle for the after party look!

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