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FITNESS IS ABOUT so much more than executing a perfect lunge, logging an hour in the gym or getting that heart rate up to its max: A good workout leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world! And when entering an exercise class or training session, we know the instructor can definitely make or break your experience. We’ve scoured the scene for our favorite fitness pros and asked them to fill us in on their secrets for sweat-proof success!

When you walk into a Pilates session with Andrea Speir, plan on walking out with much more than a tight and toned bod – you’ll laugh, you’ll sweat and you’ll feel as if you’ve gained a new BFF. Andrea’s infectious love for life and positive attitude, coupled with her extensive knowledge of Pilates methods and the most effective athletic training methods, make her one of the most sought-out pros in the Pilates community. Not in LA? Not a problem! Exercise with Andrea via The Pilates Fix on YouTube, her DVD or even her iTunes app (appropriately titled Perfect Pilates Body). Check out her answers to our Q&A that both left us in stitches and prompted us to schedule a training sesh!

Class In Session With Andrea Speir Of The Pilates Fix


Uprise Pilates, co-founder of The Pilates Fix channel

My specialty:


Favorite class to teach:

5-10 minute Pilates routines for the YouTube channel The Pilates Fix that show people interesting, creative and fun ways to do Pilates from home, in a park, even in the office on a lunch break. No excuses, now!

Favorite class to take:

When I’m not sweatin’ it out in the Pilates studio, I make time to go to Yogahop with Kourtney Kaas or take an outdoor bootcamp class with Amy Clover.

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

The moment I put on tap shoes. My father’s secretary gave me tap lessons as a child and I fell head over heels in love with dance. I began taking every type of dance class I could get in to, loving the release it gave me. It showed me my mind and body could work together to become stronger. This passion showed me that being strong physically made me feel happy. Simple as that.

When you leave my class you feel...

Well, I’ve been told by my clients that after sessions they “feel like a noodle”! My classes are very focused on deep abdominal work. In addition to chiseling the abs, I incorporate lots of elongating movements to lengthen, stretch and define the muscles. There’s usually a bit of cardio mixed in as well to make each workout a completely efficient use of time and give the client that absolute best results possible. This focused work might just leave you feeling like a noodle, but don’t worry, it’s a happy noodle with great abs that’s gonna feel stronger tomorrow.

My secret weapon:

My smile! If I’m smiling, clients tend to relax and allow me to kick their butts because they aren’t approaching the session with trepidation. They think I’m going to take it easy on them if I look friendly…little do they know! Pilates and fitness should be, and is, fun. So let’s enjoy it!

Go-to workout gear:

The most brightly colored Nike shoes I can find, black Lululemon Run Crop pants and a fitted tank.

In my gym bag:

I always have my spin shoes, a Kind bar, glass water bottle, towel, extra pair of socks and a hoodie. Covers all my potential spur-of-the-moment workout impulses.

Favorite workout pose:

Tree on the reformer. It allows me to stretch out my back and hip flexors, work my abdominals from a place of control, all while feeling like an uber athlete and a delicate dancer.

Biggest inspiration:

Music. When I’m outside working out, in the studio, even cooking in the kitchen, I put my iPod on and bump the most fun upbeat songs I have. Music makes my whole body pick up happy vibrations (is that a term? It should be). It makes me more inspired to not only work harder, but to smile, dance around and remember life is good.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm:

Experimenting in my kitchen with healthy and tasty recipes, hiking and enjoying the LA weather, smooching my pug Gizmo, or snuggling up with my book du jour.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Well let’s be honest, what I want to eat is a big ol’ ice cream cone, but I know that makes me feel like a blob, so instead I’ll drink Pressed Juicery Vanilla Almond because it’s a great way to get that essential post-workout protein and it tastes like dessert. I also like almond butter on toasted, sprouted Ezekial bread with a drizzle of local honey. Yum.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Pressed Juicery Citrus 4, Coconut Water, or Watermelon Mint – all super refreshing and they naturally hydrate your system.

Fave quick workout outside the studio:

Heading down to Palisades Park by the ocean and doing a quick set of yoga and Pilates on the grass, then utilizing the park benches for squats and push-ups. It’s a fun way to get a sweat going while getting a bit of fresh air and vitamin D.

Latest healthy obsession:

Chia seeds! That’s right, they are cha-cha-cha changing my diet by making it easy for me to pack in my omega 3s and fiber. I put them on my yogurt or steel cut oats in the morning, add them to my post-workout smoothies, or put a tablespoon in my water. In the words of Ina Garten, “How easy is that?”

Current mantra:

Don’t be the only thing standing in your way.

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