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    SoulCycle instructors are more than just teachers – they’ve got bona-fide celeb status. This month, we’re celebrating all things SoulCycle as our Guest Editors, SoulCycle founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice take the TCM wheel – which means that we’re shining a spotlight on the star-powered teachers that turn each 45-minute class into a life-changing event.

    If Soul has spearheaded the celeb fitness teacher movement we’re having right now,  Angela Davis is leading the pack. You don’t even have to take our word for it on this one – mention the name “Angela” to any SoulCycler and they’ll recount an experience akin to going to church. Even Oprah is a fan: she had Angela lead beyond-inspirational classes on her acclaimed The Life You Want Weekend Tour. Yep. Angela is literally one of Oprah’s “favorite things.”

    This is a woman who has passion and motivation running through her blood, her positive affirmations inspiring real change in every rider in her sold-out classes. Here’s how Angela empowers her “pack” (and Oprah!) to make positive change happen in their lives:


    Angela Davis


    West Hollywood and Brentwood

    My Specialty:

    Encouraging, motivating and inspiring individuals to live their best life

    Favorite Class To Teach:

    Wednesday 10:30am, WeHo

    Favorite Class to Take:

    Any of my fellow SoulCycle instructors

    Moment I Fell In Love With Fitness:

    My first all comers track meet in second grade

    When You Leave My Class You Feel...


    My Secret Weapon:

    My Faith in God

    Go-To Workout Gear:

    Nike Harem Pants and crop top

    In My Gym Bag:

    Lip balm, protein cookie, bottle of water

    Favorite SoulCycle Move:

    “Sexy corners” on a spin bike

    Biggest Inspiration:

    My parents

    When I'm Not In The Studio, I'm:

    With my boys

    Favorite Post-Workout Fuel:

    Green detox smoothie from Earth Bar

    Favorite way To Hydrate:

    Fave Quick Workout Outside The Studio:

    Band workout at home

    Latest Healthy Obsession:

    I went vegan!

    Current Mantra:

    “Your thoughts become your words – words become your actions – actions become your habits – habits become your character – character becomes your destiny – destiny becomes your legacy.”

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    1. Please tell me where I can get that We Ho muscle tee, it’s fantastic!!

      Desiree | 06.19.2015 | Reply

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