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Go-to skin care products: Beautycounter Lustro Face Oil #1 (Calendula), and the Countertime eye cream launching March 15!
Must-have hair product: Beautycounter Lustro Body Oil (Rosemary & Oil). Great for the tips of my long hair!
Beauty obsession: My jade face roller
Concealer/foundation: The ones I’ve been working on for almost two years, soon to come out for Beautycounter!
Lip color: Beautycounter lip sheer in Twig
Signature scent: Strange Invisible in Aquarian Rose

Bedding: Matteo linens
Candle: Neom in Rose Neroli
Kitchen gadgets: Lemon press, Sedona dehydrator
Flowers: White lilacs
Fave dinnerware: Humble Ceramics

T-shirt: Mister Freedom and Crippen
Jeans: Vintage Levi’s
Piece of jewelry: Cartier Juste un Clou
Shoe: Havianas slim gold flip-flops & Lanvin pumps
Lingerie: La Perla
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Supplement: B12 shots
Health habit: Oil pulling
Fave workout: Beach running

Camera: Poloroid SX-70
Gadget obsession: My essential oil burner – Puzhen Sha diffuser
Fave app: The Green Kitchen, style.com (for show stalking)
Fave appliance: My 17-year-old Vitamix

Fave cocktail/wine: Infante or Red Beer
Pantry staple: Chia seeds, lemons, veganaise
Cooking ingredient: Garlic and cayenne
Snack: Dehydrated kale chips my assistant, Mariko, makes me
Juice: Celery, cucumber with Meyer lemon, half a Fuji apple and Himalayan pink salt

Carry-on: Head Regal Kantha Blanket, Beautycounter Rosewater Uplifting Spray, Olbas inhaler
To feel at home: Dr. Schulze Air Detox
Travel beauty product: Countertime Beauty Balm (out March 15!)
Travel outfit: Ric Owens high tops and my Northface Vest
Hotel: The Nomad in NYC

Stationary: Post-it notes or my collection of vintage postcards
Inspirational objects: Collection of crystals
Book: Anything by Ernst Holmes or Mark Rothko
Face energy booster: Don’t need one 🙂
Newspaper/magazine: Wilder Magazine, Parabola Magazine
Best coffee, tea, or juice: GTA‘s cortado and Pressed Juicery‘s seasonal greens

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