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    Protein Pops: Superfood Avocado Fudge Popsicles

    Apparently we’ve held our expectations for fudgsicles far too low! Going forward, all popsicles will need to live up the gold standard of these nutrient-packed fudge pops by Philosophie.

    We’re obsessed with Philosophie’s greens-infused coconut butter and whipping it into a popsicle is almost more than we can handle. Philosophie Mama, Sophie Jaffe is the kind of nutritionist that knows how to get us nourished in the yummiest ways possible.

    We’re giving away a set of Philosophie’s Cacao Magic and Green Dream powders below. Get all the details and plan on making these popsicles all summer long.

    Chocolate Avocado Fudge Pops


    2 large ripe avocados
    2/3 cup Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend
    1 tsp Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend
    1 cup leafy greens
    ½ cup manuka honey or organic maple syrup
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    ¼ cup water or coconut water


    For each popsicle mix, add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend well until smooth. You can also blend the mixture longer if you love your popsicles super smooth or for a shorter time if you prefer beautiful, visible fruit chunks. Divide amongst popsicle molds and let set in the freezer until your cleansing treats are ready! 

    WIN Philosophie Superfood Blends!

    We’re giving away (1) full-sized bag of both Cacao Magic and Green Dream nutrition powders to one lucky reader.
    To enter, subscribe to our weekly TCM newsletter, then hop over to Facebook and follow both The Chalkboard Mag and Philosophie. Leave us a comment below letting us know you’ve entered! 

    Giveaway closes Friday, May 29th at 5pm PST. Open to continental US readers only. Good luck!

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    1. Entered!! LOOOOOVE your blog/website/newsletter …. My pinterest boards are full to the brim with your articles!!!

      mary margaret anchia | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    2. I’ve entered! This idea is so great especially for when I’m busy in the morning or after work when I’m too tired to blend something up!

      Kelsea Dawn | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    3. Entered! 🙂

      Maria Corso | 05.22.2015 | Reply
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      Kate Loepp | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    5. Already a loyal follower and subscriber. Love your blog.

      therese | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    6. would love to try these!!!

      andrea | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    7. Entered. Thank you for the chance! I’ve been struggling with finding a nutritious, natural option that is all-encompassing of the nutrients I seem to be lacking. Hopefully this is the answer!?

      Ana | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    8. Entered! I Love Philosophie Superfoods!

      Whittney | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    9. All entered! Would be so grateful for the win! This looks scrumptious <3

      Mackenzi | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    10. Just entered!!! Would love to win some of Philosophie Superfoods 🙂

      Corrina | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    11. I entered the contest!!! These look delicious I hope I win so I can make some!!!

      Jessica | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    12. Looks fantastic, must try it out! Entered! Would love to win some nutritious deliciousness!

      Bunny | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    13. entered!

      Becca | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    14. I’ve entered! Fingers crossed 🙂

      Sara | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    15. entrerd and have been a long time follower 🙂

      Anna malone | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    16. Entered!

      Kerianne | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    17. Yay! I entered! Would love to win these and give these pops a try! They look and sound delicious!

      Lisa | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    18. I entered!! I hopped over here from Instagram. Went over to Favebook and here I am again! I’d jump through hoops for Philosophie!! (And these Popsicles!!)

      Michele R | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    19. Was all set to be entered with my likes already in place – i’d like to express my joyous delight in the opportunity to try Philosophie’s crave-worthy nutrient abundant products. thanks! now, on to popsicles!

      leigh | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    20. LOVE reading your emails with incredible articles, no better way to get inspired, happy, healthy and motivated.

      Thank you!

      Morgan M | 05.22.2015 | Reply
    21. Entered! Thank you!!

      Debbie | 05.23.2015 | Reply
    22. I entered!

      Courtney | 05.23.2015 | Reply
    23. Love you, love philosophie, entered! Fingers crossed – might as well get started on those amazing fudgesicles xo

      Colleen dunn | 05.23.2015 | Reply
    24. I entered! Would love to win packages of this wonderful product!

      Nancy A. | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    25. ooooh I would love this! thank you!

      Kathryn | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    26. Boom. Entered. The kiddos are going to go bananas.

      Sara B | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    27. I entered, too!!

      Donna Thomas | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    28. I’ve subscribed and following on fb

      tricia luong | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    29. Sophie you are amazing, so happy to see your hardwork shining! TCM you are always a favorite, thank you for the wealth of knowledge. I have followed and subscribed!

      Missy | 05.24.2015 | Reply
    30. Entered 🙂 Fingers crossed!! Thank you

      natalia | 05.25.2015 | Reply
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      Kim | 05.26.2015 | Reply
    32. Entered! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

      Jordan D. | 05.26.2015 | Reply
    33. I’ve entered and would love to test out this recipe with Philosophie’s superfood blends!

      Tracy | 05.27.2015 | Reply
    34. I’ve entered the giveaway, hopefully I win these great powders!

      Jess | 05.27.2015 | Reply
    35. Entered! Thanks!

      Hayley | 05.27.2015 | Reply
    36. I’ve entered! Thank y’all!

      Kara | 05.29.2015 | Reply
    37. Entered! Fingers crossed I win!!!

      Tera Stephens | 05.29.2015 | Reply

      The Chalkboard | 05.30.2015 | Reply

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