There’s a reason why A-listers flock to green beauty guru, Katey Denno — this TCM regular knows her stuff. We can’t think of another celebrity makeup artist that manages to keep her clients’ red carpet looks on point with so many green products, and we’re always ready to soak up more of her tips, tricks and must-haves.

Which top notch products actually make it into Katey’s personal beauty routine each day? Read on to find out about the clean products this celebrity makeup artist won’t be caught without…

LIGHT LIP: Ilia Lipstickin ‘The Brides’ | This adds just a touch of color to my lips and cheeks. This creamy, but not-too-emollient formula adds a sheer wash of color wherever I put it, and is that perfect satin finish I’m really into right now. CHECK OUT

SHEER COVER: Juice Beauty Foundation | I don’t use foundation on a daily basis, but when I do, this one makes my skin glow, covers my sun spots, and doesn’t settle into my lines. The serum texture hydrates and smoothes while the color pigment particles blur discoloration, still leaving my skin showing, which is a must. No foundation mask allowed. CHECK OUT

WASTE NOT: The Makeup Drop | This new product on the scene is an alternative to another of my favorites: the Beauty Blender. The Makeup Drop, however, is designed to completely eliminate wasted makeup. It’s easier to keep clean and doesn’t absorb any of the foundation, which means more foundation in the container, more money in your pocket. CHECK OUT

EYE OPENER: Biossance Eye Gel | Hydrating the skin around the eye area is key! There’s no eye cream on the market like this one, in that it’s super hydrating and brightening yet weightless, which means it’s perfect to pat on immediately before pressing in your concealer. CHECK OUT

LUXE SKIN: LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt | This super rich, hydrating, good-for-everything, balm of sorts is named melt for a reason: It begins to do just that once it hits the warmth of skin. It’s rich and luxe in texture, and the perfect way to soothe all parts of you – from lips to cuticles, and all places in between. CHECK OUT

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