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Do you have PMS? In my clients, it usually looks something like this: an uptick in anxiety, trouble sleeping, mood swings that include sadness and irritability – and let’s not forget about those sugar cravings.

Most women experience some kind of pre-menstrual mood swings during the luteal phase of their cycle. The luteal phase happens roughly 2 weeks before menstruation begins and is a time when our bodies need a little extra support. This is the perfect time to focus a bit more on self-care, plan some extra downtime, and rest.

A targeted CBD product like Goddess Well’s Harmony CBD Blend can be incredibly helpful at this time, which I’ll explain more about in my  plan to overcome PMS mood swings below. Goddess Well wisely combines Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) with herbs like Evening Primrose Oil, classically used to support balanced hormones.

Why Does PMS Happen In the First Place?

PMS is triggered by hormonal fluctuations leading up to the menstrual cycle. High estrogen and low progesterone are the typical picture for hormonal imbalances related to PMS.

Hormonal imbalances like PMS can be driven by a myriad of factors – excessive stress, lack of balanced nourishment, dehydration, lack of exercise, and inadequate sleep. They can also be aggravated by environmental endocrine disruptors found in cleaning products/cosmetics, inflammatory seed oils and conventional meat and dairy.goddess well cbd

Why CBD For PMS Mood Swings?

CBD tops my list as a powerful and easy to use tool for PMS mood swings, both for myself and my clients. As the subject of much scientific study lately, researchers are now learning how CBD works with our nervous system. We also know that CBD interacts with the neurotransmitters responsible for hormone regulation and production.

Goddess Well’s CBD and botanical blends are designed to target women’s health needs specifically and have become a recent favorite of mine. During your luteal phase, Goddess Well’s Harmony blend may help to balance hormone-related mood fluctuations thanks to a potent dose of CBD, plus an array of botanicals formulated to lower inflammation and gently uplift your emotional state.

A Holistic Plan To Balance PMS Symptoms

Most clients I work with begin to see a massive difference in 1-3 months of consistently integrating these tips into their routine. These simple changes in diet and sleep schedule can make a big difference for many.

Your menstrual cycle is a helpful indicator of your overall well-being. Using your monthly cycle as a barometer for your health allows you to connect and listen to the cues your body is giving you and begin to nurture and support your body with what it needs to recalibrate.

More and more research is suggesting that CBD can be a powerful support for women looking to tame common PMS symptoms. Goddess Well’s formulas are formulated to do just that, working with the female body to help soothe symptoms and support harmonized hormones. 

I recommend integrating these nutrition and lifestyle tools for at least the 10 days leading up to menstruation…

01 Reduce inflammation – Did you know that menstruation is a naturally inflammatory process? Reduce inflammatory triggers to decrease PMS symptoms and boost mood.

Inflammatory triggers may include processed foods, lack of exercise, excess stress, and inadequate sleep. Try boosting and balancing your omega fat intake with olive, CBD, and evening primrose oils. Goddess Well’s Harmony and Radiance CBD blends are the perfect combination for anti-inflammatory properties, sleep support, and anxiety relief.

Sleep, rest and recharge as often as possible.

02 Move more! – It’s common to have a lot of energy during the beginning of the luteal phase, but it will gradually decrease as you approach menstruation. Prioritize exercise to boost your mood, balance blood sugar, and reduce bloating.

In the beginning of the luteal phase some heightened activity can help clear excess hormones from your system. Shift gears closer to and during menstruation opting for more restorative activities such as yoga, pilates, hiking, and walking.

03 Put The Power of CBD To Work – CBD may support hormone health by interacting with the neurotransmitters that are responsible for hormone regulation and production. It may be particularly helpful in supporting the relief of hormonal and emotional imbalances related to PMS. goddess well cbd for pmsCreated with hormone-related mood fluctuations in mind, Goddess Well’s Harmony CBD is a great option to address mental health during the luteal phase with 60mg of highly absorbable nano-CBD (twice as much as most CBD products!), plus a high-functioning blend of botanicals including evening primrose, chaste tree, clary sage, and rosemary.  

CBD may help balance mood swings by interacting with the receptors within the limbic system, the portion of our brain largely responsible for our emotions and may help moderate mood irregularities and promote overall mental health. 

It may also help to reduce sleep disturbances and physical symptoms such as the bloating and discomfort that often coincides with the premenstrual phase and menopause. Goddess Well’s Radiance blend is formulate with this in mind, packed with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to help soothe physical symptoms, support restful sleep and make moving through PMS and menopause more manageable.

When choosing a CBD for PMS and mood related issues, it’s best to avoid those containing high amounts of THC as for most, this can increase unwanted feelings of anxiety and irritability.

04 Focus on Balanced Nourishment Your body requires more complex carbohydrates and B vitamins as your caloric and energy needs shift during the luteal phase leading up to your period. Reach for earthy, grounding foods like sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, squash, quinoa, etc.

Increase protein and healthy fats as well as warming foods. Add in brown rice, root vegetables, salmon, legumes, avocado, ginger, and turmeric

Stay hydrated. This helps balance moods by boosting energy levels and supporting complete eliminations (and clearance of excess hormones). Opt for half your body weight in ounces daily. Limit excessive alcohol and caffeine intake during this phase. This is highly important for those who experience severe mood-swings as alcohol acts as a depressant and excess caffeine can cause cortisol spikes sending you and your moods on a roller-coaster ride.

If the thought of cutting back on alcohol and caffeine leaves you feeling deprived, why not try another type of boost — one that doesn’t add to your PMS symptoms and can actually help relieve them. Goddess Well’s Harmony blend is the perfect combination for balancing hormones and boosting your mood.

05 Balance Your Blood Sugar — Make sure you’re getting enough protein and fiber every day! This is the key in blood sugar maintenance and will immediately stabilize your mood.

Regulate your blood sugar by including plenty of protein, healthy fat, and fiber at each meal and to avoid eating carbs in isolation. Pairing carbs with protein and healthy fat slows the breakdown of carbs into glucose. Add ground flax seeds, beans, lentils, and legumes into your routine for a boost of soluble fiber which helps to bind to and eliminate excess estrogen.

06 Boost Bowel movements – Improving bowel function can have a significant impact on PMS and PMDD symptoms. One of the ways that excess estrogen is eliminated from the body is through our stool. When there is constipation or incomplete elimination, estrogen is not being properly cleared and will begin to build up in the body leading to or intensifying symptoms. Increase fiber and water intake for better bowel movements. Add in ginger, burdock, and dandelion root + leaf for elimination support. Leave space between meals – around 4 hours is optimal.

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07 Get extra zzz’s – Sleep is essential for balanced moods and stress management. Aim for 7-8 hours a night, especially just before and during menstruation. Bleeding is a big job for your body, so love it up with some extra R&R. 

Adding CBD for sleep support can be highly beneficial. Goddess Well’s Radiance CBD Blend contains a beautiful balance of Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) and Nano Cannabigerol (CBG) known for it’s ability to help ease anxiety and support deeper slumber.  

Aim for 7-8 hours a night – especially a few days before menstruation begins. Wind down extra early on the days leading up to your cycle and nap when you need. 


Packed with anti-inflammatory, proprietary herbs and potent doses of highly absorbable CBD, Goddess Well’s CBD blends address the symptoms many of us struggle with most.

Uniquely formulated and female-founded, these targeted blends are designed to address a range of common issues, from healthier sleep and mood support to hot flashes and urinary issues.  

Each of these products offers benefits essential to any women’s at-home apothecary: 

Goddess Well’s Harmony CBD Blend contains a potent blend of Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), plus Evening Primrose Oil, Chaste Tree, and Rosemary. These herbs may support more balanced hormones, hormone-related mood fluctuations and improved circulation. I find it can be helpful to take this formula regularly for those 10 days before menstruation begins if you need something to lift your spirits.  

Goddess Well’s Radiance CBD Blend contains a potent blend of Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) & Nano Cannabigerol (CBG) plus powerful antioxidants such as Turmeric and Resveratrol which can help to lower inflammation, calm the nervous system, and gently support the relief of common PMS and menopause symptoms. Learn more about CBG here.

Harmony and Radiance can be taken together throughout the menstrual cycle to help balance hormones and relieve mental and physical imbalances. cbd for pms capsules

Goddess Well’s Serenity CBD Blend combines 60mg of highly absorbable nano-CBD and botanicals like cranberry seed and cinnamon bark – natural supports which many women find useful to help relieve urinary imbalances. A helpful option to have on hand if you’re prone to UTIs or urinary-related issues. 

You can find the product that works for you with The Chalkboard’s exclusive offer below, 25% off with code GODDESS25. Explore the full line of Goddess Well products HERE.

Have more questions about CBD, PMS and the whole topic? Ask us in the comments below!

Author Kristin Dahl is a Holistic + Functional Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist, and Women’s Wellness Advisor with a decade of experience in the field.

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