Meet Our New Guest Editor: Weelicious Founder Catherine McCord

Meet our amazing December guest editor, Weelicious founder Catherine McCord!

We are beyond thrilled to introduce our December guest editor, Catherine McCord of Weelicious. There are almost too many reasons why we’re in awe of Catherine to list, but we’ll go ahead and try anyway! Her site, Weelicious, is endlessly inspiring to those of us who lead busy lives but who also value the importance of good food for everyone in the family. We love her message of one family, one dinner (no short order cooks here!) and the importance of growing healthy, curious, engaged eaters from a young age—after all, creating healthy traditions is what the holidays are all about to us! With an amazing new book of family-friendly recipes, two kids, and a bustling site on her plate, she’s still an avid gardener with her own edible garden and a weekly visitor to her local Farmer’s Market. This month, Catherine will be sharing her top tips for entertaining family, friends and of course the kiddos during the holidays, and will give us an exclusive tour of her veggie garden and stunning kitchen—we can’t wait to share it all with you! And now, Catherine, take it away!

Dear Chalkboard Readers,

If I’ve learned one thing cooking hundreds of meals for my family and friends over the years, it’s that the more you can involve kids in the process of food — buying, cooking and enjoying it together — the more excited they will become about eating. Weelicious and the Weelicious cookbook are all about making kids great eaters from day one (or year six, if you’re just getting started now), while at the same time making kitchen life easy and hopefully a bit more fun for parents. Moms needn’t make their lives more difficult by sneaking purees into recipes so their kids will eat their greens. Using just a few simple tips, strategies and easy recipes, combined with some gentle guidance on your part, you’ll be amazed to see your kids make their own good decisions and start enjoying the foods which are essential for their growing bodies and minds.

I’m so looking forward to guest editing this month, and sharing some of my Weelicious wisdom with you all!

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