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Carrots, Kale + Berries: 8 Ingredients For Beauty Inside + Out
Carrot Crazy: Odacite Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate + Roots 2

If perfect skin tone is what you're after, make carrot juice your new best friend. We know folks who guzzle Roots 2 before sitting in the sun just for the tone-warming effects! The mineral-rich qualities of all the root veggies in Roots 2 are ideal for keeping skin strong and vital, likewise Odacite's Wild Carrot concentrate will, quite simply, make you GLOW.



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There are three things we can rely on for a beauty boost no matter the state of our skin: green, greens, greens. If our dermis is dull, overworked, stressed – lacking in any way – a good kale salad and several bottles of green juice never fails to bring back our glow!

We’ve taken our tried and true greens obsession and expanded it to include greens on the skin, plus a whole bevy of produce for both internal consumption and external application. Check out our fruit and veggie picks for a little summer skin pick-me-up…


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