Meet guru jagat, L.A.’s top kundalini yoga master, in our interview with the label-defying thought leader here. In her new book, Invincible Living, you’ll discover a slew of mindful mind-body practices with surprising power to improve your physical and emotional well-being. This powerful breathing exercise was one of our favorite – and one of the most simple – from the book that comes with some powerful health benefits according to Guru Jagat below…

If you’ve had a history of extremes in dieting, or if you’ve had kids or have been on birth control for any amount of time, or if your doctor has mentioned a hormonal imbalance, there are potent yogic tools to reset your glands quickly and effectively!

One of the basic exercises that will get your glandular system (and hormones) in order is breath of fire for three minutes a day. When you hit that three-minute mark, the pituitary and pineal glands start to release a very specific secretion that puts the glands back into balance.


– Sit in a cross-legged position with your spine straight and rest your hands on your knees in gyan mudra (pointer finger and thumb touching).

– Close your eyes and roll them gently up and in towards the brown point or third eye.

– Rhythmically and steadily inhale and exhale evenly through both nostrils.

– Mentally say sat on the inhale and nam on the exhale.

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