When it comes to wreaths, I often find that the biggest show-stoppers are those that aren’t too fussy, but elegant in their simplicity. This one was created with branches and berries I found on my walk through a nearby field. They were so lovely, I had to bring them into my home somehow and I found the perfect solution with a wreath form made with sticks.

Materials: Berries, branches, wreath form, clippers.

Step 1: Gather your branches and berries and separate them into those with foliage and those without.

Step 2: Start by inserting the branches without foliage evenly throughout the wreath, making sure they are angled.

Step 3: Take the branches with foliage and disperse them evenly throughout the wreath.

Step 4: DONE!

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Tell me that’s not the easiest wreath in the world? Customize it according to the holiday: fall foliage, summer greenery, etc.

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