Apple cider vinegar is one of the rare wellness staple you’ll find in virtually every kitchen of those who are conscientious about their health — whether paleo, keto, raw foodie, vegan or otherwise. You could call Bragg’s apple cider vinegar the quilted Chanel bag of the wellness world — it’s a classic that goes with everything and never goes out of style.

We’ve included Bragg apple cider vinegar in our daily routine for years — for glowing skin and for great digestion. Once you start using the stuff, its’ easy to get hooked on the sense of vitality it brings. We were happy to sit down with Bragg’s nutrition consultant, Brigid Titgemeier earlier this year (before heading out to self-quarantine, naturally) to talk all things apple cider vinegar or ‘ACV’ as it’s so often called. Bragg’s 100-year old mission to make health accessible for all fits nicely with new collaborators, cold-pressed juice makers, Pressed Juicery. The brands’ new line of ACV-spiked green juice and two surprisingly delicious shots, are everything we’ve been looking for to simply our daily ACV habit.

Both shots in Pressed Juicery’s collab with Bragg provide the perfect dilution for a daily dose of ACV that is more convenient — and better tasting — than ever before.

Learn about the benefits of apple cider vinegar (including immunity and weight management) in our interview with Brigid above, then pop over to learn more about the collaboration in our story on the products that just launched last week. Explore the laundry list of ACV benefits here. 

This interview was shot at our DTLA HQ and furnished by fernish, the new modern and sustainable
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