Apple cider vinegar is one of the rare wellness staple you’ll find in virtually every kitchen of those who are conscientious about their health — whether paleo, keto, raw foodie, vegan or otherwise. You could call Bragg’s apple cider vinegar the quilted Chanel bag of the wellness world — it’s a classic that goes with everything and never goes out of style.

We’ve included Bragg apple cider vinegar in our daily routine for years — for glowing skin and for great digestion. Once you start using the stuff, its’ easy to get hooked on the sense of vitality it brings. We were happy to sit down with Bragg’s nutrition consultant, Brigid Titgemeier earlier this year (before heading out to self-quarantine, naturally) to talk all things apple cider vinegar or ‘ACV’ as it’s so often called. Bragg’s 100-year old mission to make health accessible for all fits nicely with new collaborators, cold-pressed juice makers, Pressed Juicery. The brands’ new line of ACV-spiked green juice and two surprisingly delicious shots, are everything we’ve been looking for to simply our daily ACV habit.

Both shots in Pressed Juicery’s collab with Bragg provide the perfect dilution for a daily dose of ACV that is more convenient — and better tasting — than ever before.

Learn about the benefits of apple cider vinegar (including immunity and weight management) in our interview with Brigid above, then pop over to learn more about the collaboration in our story on the products that just launched last week. Explore the laundry list of ACV benefits here. 

This interview was shot at our DTLA HQ and furnished by fernish, the new modern and sustainable
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    Natalie HOLLIDAY | 04.13.2020 | Reply
  2. ACV is best thing since Apple pie. My entire family loves it and my doctor visits show the healthy results. The benefits are amazing and results are evident daily.

    Sandra E. Cannady | 04.13.2020 | Reply
  3. how much of the raw apple cider do you take? when is the best time? thank you

    Jules | 04.13.2020 | Reply
  4. One tablespoon in glass of water twice a day. If you don’t like taste add a spoon of honey although you can add other stuff.

    Chris | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  5. I drink it straight. If I could handle whiskey straight, apple cider vinegar is no problem

    Jeffrey Phillips | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  6. I have been taking Bragg’s vinegar for years and using warm water for the drink makes a huge difference – reduces the “bite” and easier to swallow. I’ve gotten other people onboard with this recommendation.

    Elaine K | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  7. Have lost 15 pounds and snack cravings! Putting the cider with a little honey in my various healthy teas.

    Linda | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  8. Will taking acv 2x daily makes your skin dry? Just wondering. Also are there any side effects in taking acv constantly?

    Mrs Zahis Ehsan | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  9. I buy it from a beverage company named Cide Road Apothecary in Manchester Vermont. It’s ACV plus CBD oil and a little maple syrup and ginger. I pour it in a glass with club soda and I’ve never had anything so good in my life. And I’ll say I’ve never felt healthier. It’s really the greatest feeling to be cleansed of all the impurities in this world !!!

    Maggie | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  10. My husband has drank apple cider all his life and is 66 with no health problems except a couple small normal conditions, like pulled muscles and enlarged prostate. And is told often he looks years younger.

    Ruth McDaniel | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  11. Returned to my ACV drink of 2 Tbsp with 4-6 oz water 2x daily for about 30 days. My Uric Acid has dropped down to 8.8 from a level of 13; my hgA1C (Diabetes 2) has improved from 11.5 to 8, and my physicians are “BAFFLED,” “FLABBERGASTED,” and “STUNNED!” Thank you Bragg’s Organic ACV for your help!!!!

    Aaminah | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  12. I’ve been drinking ACV every night before bed for the last 3 weeks. On the 3rd week my Kidney stone got flush out. Aside from that ACV provide me with Vitality through out the day.

    Hakeem | 04.14.2020 | Reply
  13. So most recommend either drinking it at night or 2x/day, weird I had it on Monday morning with my warm Lemon Water and I felt find all day, but it must have been something I ate later because I had *TMI soft poop/diarrhea from 9 pm randomly until the next morning so I laid off of it on Tuesday but I want to try again tonight before bed with some water. I’ve done that before and I was totally fine, just wondering maybe too much acid in the morning affected me throughout the day?

    Jackie | 04.15.2020 | Reply

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