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There’s a cocktail tasting for press tonight at the new Boisson in Brentwood — trick is, everything is alcohol-free (or “free-spirited” as co-founder Nick Bodkins likes to say).

Boisson is more of a high-end mixology shop than liquor store, but everything sold inside is non-alcoholic. Boisson’s booming success (Brentwood is one of three new locations planned for LA this year and there are already five locations in NYC) is testament to Gen Z’s leaning toward far less alcohol than generations before them.

There are a few wellness trends that seem to be growing faster than expected thanks to the dynamics of the pandemic. We never expected to see the no or low-ABV trend boom so quickly. According to the IWSR,  the non-alcoholic market reached $3.3B in sales in 2021 and is projected to grow +31% by 2024.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your after dinner wine intake in a delicious way, elevate your sober lifestyle, or simply find alternatives to alcohol for that happy hour stress reduction, this industry is poised to meet just about every need.boisson la best no abv drinks

Ghia | Kin Euphorics | De Soi | Acid League

Katy Perry’s new De Soi brand is sold at Boisson. Champignon Dreams is a sparkling wine alternative made with adaptogens and herbs that’ll help you unwind like reishi and tulsi with just a bit of a buzz from green tea.

Optimist Botanical’s SMOKEY is a non-alcoholic spirit designed to mimic that smokey unique flavor of some mezcals and tequilas. The brand recommends is over ice with soda and “a garnish of pink peppercorns, jalapeno slice, or orange peel.”

We think the Acid League’s wine ‘proxies’ are a notable addition to the market, blends of juices, teas, spices and bitters made in several red, white and rose styles designed to emulate wine’s acidity, tannins  and flavor.

Of note, Ghia is a deliciously bitter NA spritz that comes in cans and is gaining major traction as a party beverage. We also love Kin Euphorics, a brand we’ve partnered with for ages and was one of the first alcohol alts to popularize nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients as an alcohol alternative. Model Bella Hadid is now part of Kin’s team which has helped the brand gain visibility just about everywhere.

There’s a whole world of non-alcoholic beverages brewing right now and Boisson is a great way to check them all out. Just like wine and cocktails in general, nothing is one size fits all. We’ve certainly tried a few NA drinks we didn’t like, but that’s true of wine and cocktails too! Whether you’re a gin and tonic kind of girl or lean toward big red wines, there’s likely a no ABV drink out there that’ll become your new go-to when the time is right.

Have you been drinking no or low-ABV drinks this summer? We want to know what you’ve been loving in the comments!

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