Last spring, we showed you a glimpse inside Whitney Leigh Morris’ charming and tiny cottage on the Venice canals. Our readers went ga-ga for her stylish and innovative solutions to living in 362 square feet.

One of the stand-out features in Whitney’s home are the inventive hanging shelves she uses in small spaces. They’re whimsical, bohemian, and completely space-efficient. When we saw this hanging pallet DIY from our partners at Hello Natural we knew many of you would appreciate it.

Since it hangs from the ceiling, this minimalistic statement piece requires little square footage – and because it’s made with recycled wood pallets, it’s an eco-friendly way to spruce up your space. Try using wood from your local lumberyard – or if you want to make things even easier, visit your local craft store for just the size you need. Set aside some time this weekend for a mini home makeover…

Supplies Needed

8 wood screws
4 Screw eyes (I used 1 15/16″)

Tools Needed

Power drill
Drill bits
Pry bar


Dismantle the wood from your pallet. This part can be tricky, so flex those muscles, grab a hammer and a pry bar and get to work. After you’ve pulled at least four wood slats from your pallet, tap down, or remove the nails.


To construct the tabletop, cut four pieces of wood to 18″ lengths. Save the scraps from two of the 18″ cuts (you might need to trim these just a bit depending on the width of your slats) to use underneath the table top as supports.

STEP Three

After you’ve cut four 18″ pieces for your tabletop, line them up so that they are nice and snug next to each other, facing upside down. Place your two “scrap” cuts vertically, equal distance apart, making sure they fit over every board and secure in place with 1 1/4″ wood screws.


Pallets come in all sizes, so you might have to adjust the length of your screws accordingly. When finished, you should have drilled in 8 screws. Be careful not to drill through to the top of your table!


Next, we need to add the hardware to make hanging the table possible. Turn your table right side up and measure in 1″ from each edge. Drill a hole for your screw eyes using the same size drill bit as your screw eyes.


Thread the screw eyes into each hole, making sure it’s a really tight fit. After cutting four lengths of rope, begin to tie one length each around the screw eye. (I left a sizable tail on the end of my knot so I could twist it around and up the rope for a more decorative, finished look.)

STEP Seven

Grab a friend to help you hang the table. Level the table by pulling up or letting out the various ropes. Once you’ve got a level table, twist all four strands together in a triple knot. Hang from the ceiling using a ceiling hook.

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