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Meet The New Wave Of Instagram Yogis: 8 Body Positive New Follows
Rock Your Bliss, @rockyourbliss

Goal setting and yoga flowing? Yes, please! Yoga teacher Mary Beth LaRue and goal coach Jacki Carr have married their mutual passions for movement and life design to create Rock Your Bliss, a unique combination of yoga and life coaching aimed at making your dreams a reality, for real. With inspirational quotes and colorful, fun-loving photos abound, this dynamic duo of yogis motivates us to make shift happen in our own lives...and find a goal-crushing bestie of our own!



Meet The New Wave Of Instagram Yogis: 8 Body Positive New Follows

Body positive, confidence-boosting, and compassionate to the max: meet the new wave of Instagram yogis reminding us that yoga is about way more than the poses.

We’re self-proclaimed yoga geeks, and love an impressive handstand or inversion just as much as the next wellness warrior. However, our favorite yogis on social media have that extra special something that transcends poses and reminds us that living well on and off the mat is about being authentic, self-loving, and all-inclusive. Get our your iPhone, open up Instagram, and get ready to meet your eight (well, nine actually!) new om-azing BFFs…

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