“Live in balance, weigh what you want, and free yourself from food drama forever.” The promise printed across the cover of Body Love by Kelly LeVeque, might sound like a tall order, but this holistic nutritionist has found a formula that makes it easy and sustainable. Like, actually.

We’ve been sharing Kelly’s genius nutrition advice for years, and are thrilled to celebrate the launch of her brand new book, Body Love, which contains the best of her essential balanced living advice, packed into a clear, concise guide.

Kelly cuts through any food confusion like a knife through room temp coconut oil, getting down and nerdy with the science behind the nutrition tips she slings. It’s no wonder A-list celebs flock to Kelly for guidance — and results.

Here are twelve reasons to get behind Kelly’s philosophy, unearthed from the TCM archives and explored even deeper in the pages of Body Love. Read through and enter to win a signed copy of your own…

12 Reasons to get hooked on
The Body Love Approach

Livable structure. We caught a glimpse into Kelly’s holistic approach in the form of her own daily habits in our Mornings With feature, where she dished on her personal food philosophy: Less rules; more light livable structure. Less cleanses; more daily cleansing.

the Fab Four.Protein, greens, healthy fats and fiber are the keys to making a nutritionally-flawless meal, every time. Learn the science behind why it works, and how to get into it with the full breakdown here.

Smoothie Staples. Functional smoothies are key players in Kelly’s approach, and trust us when we say the girl knows how to get her blend on. Body Love is packed with delicious sippable inspo. A few of our faves include: Kelly’s hormone-balancing ‘happy smoothie’, this berry-blasted immunity smoothie, these fall-flavored blends, and this lit of instant smoothie upgrades.

Supplement Savvy. Nutrition needs vary for each individual, and supplements are an effective way to fill in any gaps. Which ones are truly essential? We asked Kelly.

Healthy Fats FTW.We got the skinny on healthy fats with this breakdown by Kelly. Getting a good dose daily not only helps us stay sated, but supports glowing skin, hair and overall radiance. Dive even deeper with Kelly’s guide to the most obscure superfats.

The Ultimate Travel Hack. Life on the go has never been the same since we caught on to Kelly’s ‘Airport Shake’ and other genius healthy travel tips.

pre-Party On. Being able to sustain a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance. Kelly’s pre-party smoothie is essential for any big celebration.

Recipe Heaven. You don’t need to be a master chef to master the art of healthy cooking. You also don’t need a ten-hour block of time to prep a balanced meal. We love this list of weeknight recipes Kelly relies on.Prepping for a social sitch? Check out her bowl bar how-to for a genius way to keep guests well fed.

Hunger Hormones. Learning how to manage our hormones is part of holistic wellbeing. Kelly blew our minds with this info on how to handle hunger hormones and this insight into foods that cauyse hormonal imbalance.

Sleep Yourself Slim.Kelly’s approach encompasses all elements of living well, including what goes down when we’re not in the kitchen. Her guide to getting better sleep — and what it will do to your body — is a must-read.

special event Diet. Kelly shared with us her exclusive wedding day diet, aka how and what her celeb bride clients eat on their big day. Peruse next time you want to look your best for a wedding or other special day!

 Serious Science. Smoothies and salads don’t mean a thing if they ain’t got that science to back it. Kelly always delivers on the research front, making topics like mercury toxicity, bioavailability and even the connection between connection between omega fats and mood stability accessible and even — dare we say interesting.

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