Blake Mycoskie

What do coconut ice cream and ancient Roman literature have in common? They are both small but meaningful elements in Blake Mycoskie’s balanced approach to wellness.

The philanthropist and founder of TOMS Shoes is the latest in our Movember interview series on men’s health: a special collection of interviews featuring inspiring males in and around the wellness space. Pressed Juicery and Movember have collab’d on a protein-rich almond milk we love and so we kicked off our series last week with the man behind the Movember movement himself. Watch for more killer interviews in the weeks to come.

We know that Blake works hard — TOMS’ mission to bring shoes to children in need around the world has redefined the scope of success for modern social entrepreneurship — and we love learning about the healthful ways he keeps his crazy schedule in check. How often do we hear of CEOs carving out time to spend outdoors every single day? Not enough, by our calculations.

Get to know Blake Mycoskie below, then pop over to the story from which we pulled this image – our gathering in Malibu with TOMS and Sunset Magazine!

Most surprising healthy daily ritual:

My morning ritual is to take my coffee to-go on my way to surf.

What I typically eat in a day:

Bulletproof coffee with TOMS coffee beans, big salad with some form of protein, lots of veggies and some fresh fish. I finish the day off with coconut-milk ice cream.

Fave thing to cook for myself:


Daily necessity for balance/sanity:

Writing in my journal.

Best outlet for stress:

Rock climbing. It is both challenging and exhilarating.

Recently inspired by:

I’m always inspired by my family, specifically, my wife Heather. She is an incredible partner and mother who just gave birth to our second child.

Best tip for work-life balance is:

When I’m with my family and friends to be fully present and know that I will have time to focus on work later.

The most challenging aspect of healthy living:

I have found a good balance between living a healthy life while enjoying indulgences.

My wellness philosophy in a sentence:

Do something active outdoors every single day.

Ingredients in food I avoid:

My family and I do our best to eat clean and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

How I boost a low mood:

Get outdoors. If I’m feeling stuck, I get outside, because some of my best ideas have come to me while I’ve been adventuring outside the office.

How I get grounded:

I get out on the open ocean on my sailboat.

Current reading list:

I could read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius over and over again. I learn something new every time.

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