WE’RE ALL ABOUT body positivity every season of the year, whether we’re laying out in bathing suits or bundled up in coats. Self-acceptance is a big part of feeling good in the skin we’re in, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to put a little effort into looking our best.

Our weight, skin, mood and self-esteem may always be a bit in flux, and nothing challenges it more than bikini season, but treating ourselves well – even when it just means tending to tiny details no one else will notice – can build a breed of confidence that isn’t easily challenged.

From sugar scrubs for silky skin and natural oils for a well-groomed bikini line, here are a few of our favorite bikini beauty products to induce the confidence, glow and summer-ready excitement we need for a #noFOMO summer…

Fur Oil | This all new line of chic-looking oils and creams is dedicated to keeping things smooth down under,with a focus on products and oil blends that softens hair, reduces inflammation and fights ingrown mishaps.


Beauty Chef Pink Beauty Powder | Boost your natural beauty factor from the inside out with this powdered supplement packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics that’ll have your skin glowing head to toe.


Vita Liberata Serum Tan | Not only does this non-toxic serum nourish skin and plump out fine lines, it gives a sheer sunny color as well. Fast-acting and easy to apply, this makes a great addition to your weekly summer beauty routine!


Pursoma Clay Body Mask | No time for a luxurious mud bath? Simply paint on this body mud mask for similar cleansing, detoxifying and depuffing results. Lost touch with your body completely this winter? Painting on a body mask will definitely help you wake it up and treat it right.


Vita Liberata Tan Oil | This body oil will give you a tan, protect your skin from the sun and provide a sexy sheen on your limbs just a few drops at a time. A new kind of natural beauty product, we’re toting this multi-tasking oil in every beach bag we tote this summer.


One Love Body Scrub | Vitamin C, shea butter and sugar work together in this sugar putty-like scrub we think is one of the best-smelling exfoliators ever. Won’t leave a sticky film on your skin. Won’t over-scrub or damage.


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  1. Love love love this post! I didn’t realize Vita Liberata offered a tan oil that had SPF and a bit of color…I can’t wait to try it out. I recently found the line when I was searching for a good sunless tanner that didn’t score horribly on ‘the dirty scale’ and I’m a fan. I am also a major One Love Organics junkie, and the Body Polish smells amazing! If anything, I go through it too fast so I have to ration myself on it. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up on the other products. Looking forward to checking them out! xo Kat

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