A Concierge’s Guide: The Best Bike Trails In LA

There is no cooler ride this summer than the kind with two wheels and a pair of handlebars.  Bicycles are all the rage lately, and between the soaring gas prices and the crowded freeways, we’re all about it!  Decrease your carbon footprint and get a bit of fresh air this spring by weaving your way down some of LA’s best bike routes.  Chief Concierge Fredo Vita of the Beverly Hills SLS Hotel knows a thing or two about having a good time in LA and here he’s shared his 4 top picks for great bicycle routes to cruise this spring and summer.

Whether you plan on riding this gold-plated racing bike, imported from Denmark and displayed here at the Beverly Hills SLS and retailing from $4300, or a more modest beach cruiser, these are a few of LA’s best routes perfect for bike lovers.

L.A. Bike Paths:

Griffith Park: Some of the most pristine roads, paths and views of a natural park inside our very own city!  There are 20 miles of bike-friendly paths.

LA River: LA river has great views of the city.  The path is along the river and some of the original flora and fauna are still there.  The river is being revitalized as we speak, so this is a path to keep an eye on for the future. Recommended for day time only.

Santa Monica/Venice: The best for beach goers.  Trace the path between the Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Boardwalk, plus it’s great for people watching and sunbathing.  You can’t get anymore California than this!

Brentwood: The ride on San Vicente Blvd. from Wilshire to the Ocean!  This path will take you through the famous Brentwood neighborhood of LA.  The houses are gorgeous and the straight-as-a-pin road is a favorite of local joggers, but there is room to bike as well. This is one of the most beautiful neighborhood paths in LA!

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