There is an overwhelm of treatments and products to turn to when collagen starts slacking, but integrative health and food therapy specialist, Christine Dionese, has a simple solution to fight fine lines that we hadn’t tried before.

This superfood tonic fights little wrinkles by deeply detoxing and nourishing the skin from within; the gut-healing properties of daikon radish and kombucha are paired with potent superfoods, matcha, goji and watercress and the result is a sippable mini-miracle. We’re drinking this all through spring…

Ready to trade fine lines for smooth summer skin? Packed with anti-aging and longevity conferring herbs and superfoods, this skin-soothing juice tonic means out with the old and in with the new!

If there’s one place on the body that is telling of time and lifestyle, it’s our facial and neck skin. While there are some pretty amazing topical skin foods on the market now, most of us know that to erase the “signs of the times” from our skin, it requires us to commit to working on it consistently. Endocrine-disrupting environmental pollutants that travel via air, water and food don’t do our skin any favors and why we really need to renew tissue health from within.

Bonus with this recipe? It rejuvenates while it detoxifies. Pair my edible sunscreen with this skin-plumping tonic for all-around skin protection!

#protip: Serve this for guests as a cocktail alternative this summer. If uou can get your hands on the purple bravo radish, not only does it turn your tonic a lovely shade of pink, peach or purple, but the pretty little garnish also doubles as a digestion mender.

Superfoods for Youthful Skin


Watercress is one of nature’s abundant detoxifying and rejuvenating plant foods. Four times higher in vitamin C than oranges and loaded with more beta carotene than apples and broccoli, watercress not only offers your juicy treat a crisp, refreshing note, it’s like a mini-facelift every time you consume it!


Goji berries have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. Gojis, also called “wolfberry” or go qi zi, are said to brighten the face – specifically the eyes. They’re packed with carotenoids, antioxidants and amino acids.

Purple daikon

Purple daikon benefits digestion by signaling amylase production, an enzyme that helps metabolize carbohydrates in the body. Also used as a diuretic, daikon helps eliminate metabolic waste, reducing facial puffiness.


Lemon is a skin astringent, and is used for overall skin tightening.

Pink salt

Pink salt does double duty: It softens nodules beneath the skin and helps open up pores while adding a tightening effect to the skin.

Better-Than-Botox Superfood Tonic
2 – 4 small servings


1 purple bravo daikon radish + a few pieces for garnish (can sub your fave radish)
1 hearty bunch watercress with roots removed (keep roots attached to stems until use)
¼ cup goji berries *
2 sweet Meyer lemons
3-5 sprigs savory + 1 or 2 for garnish
1 tsp matcha powder
dash of fine pink salt
2 oz kombucha


In a juicer, juice radish, goji berries, lemons, watercress and savory. Set aside.

*Juicing goji berries is optional. Feel free to disperse whole fruit among the tonics to enjoy a little texture to your drinks.

Whisk in pink salt and matcha until stirred well. You can also place juice plus salt and matcha into a shaker to combine well.

Pour juice tonic into glasses and top with kombucha.

Garnish with a daikon twist and pinch of savory.

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