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You’re ready to shop more sustainable brands, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a cheat sheet of our favorite sustainable brands in fashion that are taking the lead and making a difference one t-shirt, sock or fisherman sweater at a time… 

Sustainable fashion extends beyond the use of organic and recycled material. It is a greater movement to change the systems deeply woven into the fabric of the fashion industry. Pun, much?  It’s critical that we are mindful about which brands to support with our hard-earned dollars. The below brands are making clean, green and eco-friendly choices in terms of the supply chain, materials and ethical practices. Here are 16 brands fostering major changes to the environment and your wardrobe.

The Top 16 Sustainable Brands To Wear Now

sustainable brands

Amour vert | This effortlessly cool brand wants you to do good and look great while doing it. They aren’t interested in mass production, rather their pieces are made in limited quantities to eliminate excess waste. And they make your contribution easy by planting a tree for every tee purchased. Thank you very much. They partner with mills to develop sustainable fibers and raw materials, resulting in biodegradable clothing (like their marine stripe tee) that is both luxuriously soft and incredibly low impact on the environment. Shop Here

mara hoffman | This designer first implemented sustainability in 2015 by prioritizing the use of organic, natural, and recycled materials and exclusion of leather, mulesed sheep wool, fur or feathers. Since then, she has collaborated with eco-conscious partners and implemented compostable packaging into her e-commerce sales. And her efforts are not being overlooked as she was just recognized as a champion of sustainability, winning the “Leading the Change” award during NYFW. Shop Here

Reformation | This celebrity-adored brand is as synonymous with sustainability as with clothing. In fact, they’ve built their entire reputation around their eco-friendly endeavors. At their core, they believe (and we agree) that sustainability follows an entire lifecycle of clothing. They begin with conscious manufacturing (they have been carbon neutral and 100% water neutral since 2015) and encourage consumers to practice making a difference through water conservation and upcycling. Not to mention their clothes are super cute. Shop Here

Bassike | Born and bred in Australia, the Bassike brand is committed to creating high-quality everyday basics made and delivered through sustainable practices. They support local industries by sourcing goods in Australia, therefore eliminating the transit required from maker to warehouse. They operate out of a solar powered factory and use energy efficient led lighting in their brick and mortar stores. They’re first to admit to fashion’s bad habit for waste and are committed to using or donating all excess fabric and past season samples to prevent them from ending up in landfills. We’d also love to live in their tees, but that seems like a moot point. Shop Here

sustainable brands

NANUSHKA | Nanushka If you follow fashion, chances are you have definitely heard of Nanushka. This celebrity-endorsed brand has made a name for itself as a leader in the eco-industry with its vegan leather goods and holistic practices. Both functional and beautiful, Nanushka champions craftsmanship as a major component to their success. They use local manufacturing and conscious material selection to ensure the longevity and durability of their clothing. Which they hope will encourage consumers to recycle instead of discarding at the end of its lifecycle. Company-wide, they are passionate, encouraging their employees and consumers to approach each piece as an opportunity to make a change. Shop Here

Acne Studios | This Stockholm-based brand aims to create quality garments built for long-term wear. They achieve this by designing with carefully considered materials and techniques and remaining transparent with their process. With the launch of two upcycled denim capsule collections, they have shown their commitment to sustainability and have since vowed to use 100% sustainable materials whereof 40% recycled by 2030. Shop Here

Jesse Kamm | Not only are we obsessed with her signature sailor pants, but we can’t get enough of Jesse Kamm’s mission: To create a sustainable fashion brand with minimal environmental impact. And when we say minimal, we mean minimal. She reuses deadstock and eco-fabrics whenever possible. Her collections are crafted locally in Los Angeles and her small artisan team earns fair wages. She ironically encourages consumers to buy less, and desires to stay small so she may continue her efforts sustainably. Her car also runs on vegetable oil, which has nothing to do with her brand but everything to do with how cool she is. Shop Here

Citizens of Humanity | Citizens is a leader in denim technology as one of the first brands to implement innovative wash and dye techniques in order to reduce fashion’s footprint. For example, their ozone wash process, through a combination of electricity and gas, consumes less than 1/10 of the normal water usage required of denim making. Sustainability remains a core value to the brand as they maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Shop Here

sustainable brands

Rachel Comey | While the use of real fur may provoke real debate, Rachel Comey is one designer unafraid to bridge the gap between ethics and the use of animal leather and fur. In a progressive fashion, she sources textiles from animals, such as alpacas, that have died from natural causes. Fashion insiders claim Rachel’s eco-pieces are some of the most wearable on the market. Shop Here

Christy Dawn | To wear a Christy Dawn dress is to know what it feels like to run through a desolate field blooming with daisies. Her vintage-inspired collections are sustainability crafted in Los Angeles using upcycled “deadstock” fabric aka the leftover material from other fashion houses. As a result of using these salvaged fabrics, you can almost bet your dress is 1 (or at most 2) of its kind. Shop Here

Jenni Kayne | Jenni Kayne is admittedly trying to figure this whole sustainability thing out. And it makes sense. It’s no easy feat. The brand is committed to implementing practices that will help ensure a healthy planet by encouraging consumers to build their wardrobe of classic, quality pieces that are versatile and long-lasting. They have also recently launched a cozy collection of eco pieces made from 100% recycled fabric and manufactured using less water, energy and natural resources. They’re basics, made better. Shop Here

AMUR | Sustainability is quite literally what AMUR stands for: A Mindful Use of Resources. AMUR believes nature is the ultimate luxury, and the brand carries this conviction throughout their entire creative process. They are committed to sourcing certified organic cotton and silk as well as natural fabrics (like hemp and linen) to conserve material resources like water. They are experimenting with using reclaimed materials like cupro, and regenerating textiles to produce new fiber. And as if that wasn’t enough, they support local artisan work in India and Vietnam to celebrate sustainability as humanitarian work, too. Shop Here

sustainable brands

h&m conscious | With the popularity of fast fashion (think Zara and Topshop) designers have to work harder than ever to meet consumer’s desire for the hottest trends, virtually on-demand. H&M is bringing sustainability to the fast-fashion market and to the masses. The company recently announced that their upcoming Conscious Exclusive collection will feature Circulose, a newly patented material made from discarded textiles. The collection will mark the first time chemically recycled fibers are used in garments sold at scale. Shop Here

Agolde | The average American woman owns 7 pairs of jeans at any one time, and research shows that it takes an average of 1,800 gallons of water to produce each pair, as they are repeatedly washed to achieve the right color and feel. And to think, we still have to break them in. Agolde is committed to resetting the standard by using advanced methods to reduce their imprint on the environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods. All of which reduces the amount of water needed to achieve the look of vintage denim. In other words, Agolde aims to recreate vintage denim, just not at the cost of the environment. Shop Here

Faithfull | Finally, a wanderlust brand thoughtfully designed, locally sourced, and ethically produced. These dreamy pieces are hand crafted and dyed in Bali in a family-owned factory, one that has been able to scale with the company’s growth. Ethical production and local resources are just two of the many reasons to love Faithfull the brand. The other reasons can soon be found hanging in your closet. Shop Here

Theory | With the launch of Good Wool in 2017, Theory made its mark in sustainable fashion by creating their most conscious collection to date. Their initiative involves sourcing the most environmentally conscious farms, mills, and sewing factories to produce a rather sustainable suit. This includes using traceable wool, biodegradable lining, and recycled buttons. Now that’s a power suit. Shop Here

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