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    best Stylish Gold Studs

    In the past few years, multiple ear piercings have become wildly popular amongst the fashion crowd — getting pierced up is no longer the punk-rock aesthetic it used to be. In the wellness world, pros are finding that strategically placed piercings may actually help with chronic conditions from migraine headaches to anxiety — read up on the fascinating connection between stylish gold piercings and acupuncture here.

    We love the look of tiny gold studs and hoops strewn up and down the ear. Aesthetics aside, gold earrings might actually be the healthier choice for your piercings. Gold is the metal least likely to cause adverse skin reactions, can easily be melted down and turned into something new (hello sustainability!), and could actually help balance out your energy — learn all about it here.

    Want to perfect your own ear party? Mix and match these selections from brands we adore…

    lighting bold stylish gold studsMARIA TASH 18k Lightening BOlt  | Maria Tash is a jeweler and professional body piercer whose high-end earrings are some of our favorites. Her Instagram feed is a fantastic place to get inspiration for your ear party. Some of her pieces might be considered an investment, but she also has tons of stylish gold studs that look cute and are affordable. CHECK OUT

    catbird stylish gold studsCATBIRD Triple Stone Stud  | Brooklyn-based jewelry brand, Catbird, makes beautiful, sparkling, responsibly made jewelry that is dainty in all the right ways. If you’re not looking to get pierced up, this triple stone stud gives the look of a full-blown ear party without adding extra holes. CHECK OUT

    gold ear cuffSTONE & STRAND gold plated ear cuff | Stone & Strand makes minimalist, stylish gold studs among other dainty, layer-able jewelry. Their ear cuff is just the right size to make a statement and doesn’t require an actual piercing for it to stay in place.  CHECK OUT

    small gold huggiesVRAI & ORO Huggie Hoops | What’s an earring collection without a classic pair of hoops? We love these from Vrai & Oro, a jewelry company whose focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing makes them a brand we’ll always check in on. CHECK OUT
    small gold hoopsMEJURI huggies | Classic can be edgy paired with the right pieces. These handcrafted 14k solid gold hoops are studded with white sapphires and can either blend in or stand out depending on how you style them.
    rainbow jewel studTHE LAST LINE Rainbow Line Earring | This little geometric stud adds a spash of color to a solid gold set of earrings. It can be work vertically or horizontally — either way it looks wildly cool layered in with other piercings. CHECK OUT
    small stylish gold studsETSY Earring Stud Set | If you’re looking for something unique, and want to support small scale artisans, Etsy is an incredible place to shop for earrings. A quick search will spin out endless options so you can find the perfect set of stylish gold studs to complete your look. CHECK OUT

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