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many things can go wrong with self-tanner experiments. You know this. We know this. And yet it’s rare that any of us do what’s necessary to perfect the process — namely, to find trust-worthy natural self-tanners and stick to a thorough routine.

“A thorough routine?!”, you gasp, eyes rolling. If you are far too serious to waste precious time on a warmer skin tone, we get that. There are definitely priorities higher up the ladder. But, sister, if you want that glow and don’t have the energy for a Marie Kondo level self-tanning routine, we suggest making peace with your pale skin, buying a bronzer or hitting the salon to let a pro do their job.

The middle-ground here is to perfect the process, shop ruthlessly for the ideal product (below!), and only apply your skills when life’s special moments call for it.

These natural self-tanners are the easiest to apply, don’t make a mess or smell weird, and give us that perfectly toasty brown tint. Here are our six favorite non-toxic products to help you get your glow on all summer…
goop glow luminizer lotiongoopGLOW Body luminizer | This new product from Goop is not a self-tanner. However, we predict it will become one of their top-selling beauty products and here’s why: the easy to apply body lotion provides major moisture plus highlighter. Inspired by Gwyneth’s learnings from red carpet makeup artists, this body product provides the ultimate finish for warmed-up skin. CHECK OUT
clear self tannerVita Liberata Invisi Foaming Self Tan Water | Vita Liberata is our top choice for clean self-tanners. Not only is it one of the best clean self-tanner brands we’ve ever tried, they now offer a clear solution that won’t transfer to towels or clothing, moisturizes skin and still provides their signature warm brown color. CHECK OUT
best natural self tannersomorovicza Glam Glow Tanning Lotion | This European skincare brand serves up clean skincare that’s luxe, effective and culty for in the know beauties. It’s one of the most buildable self-tanners, starting light and letting you build color gradually. CHECK OUT
body blur best natural self tannersVita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow | Another great product from Vita Liberata, body blur will get you tan, but more importantly it provides an instant dewy bronze color we love — as absolute life-saver as a last-minute layer of color for arms and legs for an evening out. CHECK OUT
drunk elephant face bronzer Sunshine Drops | This antioxident-rich face serum immediately replenishes the skin’s protective barrier while delivering a dramatic bronze. Try this product at home before heading out with it on — the color is great, but intense and takes a little practice to perfect. Pro tip: Don’t forget your neck!  CHECK OUT
one love vitamin c scrub | Remember that self-tanning process we were talking about? At least half your tan’s success has to do with a good body scrub. Prime your skin to before you self-tan and you’ll get even, non-spoltchy coverage that will last a day longer. CHECK OUT
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