Fragrances are one of the most swampy areas of the cosmetic and personal care industries; there’s a lot of muck mixed in and it’s usually unclear what’s really lurking there. That’s because a delicious fragrance is considered a trade secret and is allowed to be kept under tight wraps. The unintended result is that all kinds of mystery ingredients can end up inside your perfume bottle and – if you’ve learned anything from us – you know that it ain’t all good.

Transparency and health consciousness are key for perfume makers that are interested in reaching our wellnessy crowd and we’ve picked seven products that are especially remarkable. This is a much requested story from you, our readers! We hope you try a few of our favorite picks. Leave a note on your on favorites in the comments…

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PHLUR’s Hanami Perfume | We’ve tried most of Phlur’s sustainable fragrances and Hanami’s figgy unisex scent is our fave. This brand is one of the first high-design, luxury brands we’ve seen do fragrance right! If you’re looking for a traditional perfume or cologne, we couldn’t recommend this clean brand any more highly. CHECK OUT

Warm NYC Fragrance Oil | Girls in the know are wearing Warm. We’ve heard many the boho chic babe confess their love for this culty fragrance and we totally get it. Warm smells like the perfect day at the beach. CHECK OUT

Erbaviva Organic Deodorant | This spray on deodorant couldn’t be more low tech and simple to use. The sage-based scent smells so clean, looks chic in a tropical travel bag, and lasts for a full day. CHECK OUT

Honestly pHresh Roll On in Rose | This little product took us completely by surprise. It’s a retro chic roll-on deodorant with magnesium oil built into the formula for an instant dose of mineral supplementation when applied to skin. Genius! And the natural rose scent doesn’t hurt either. CHECK OUT

Odacite Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist | We’re huge fans of a facial mist here at TCM (there’s a bottle on every desk). Odacite’s new rose and neroli mist smells like heaven and can be reapplied vigorously on the hour if you’re having one of those days for an instant pick me up.  CHECK OUT

Lurk’s NST V7 | Lurk’s scents are completely clean, stylishly packaged (the gold orb topped minis are an obsession around here) and full of intrigue. Most scents are dry, herbacious, earthy and sweet. Find one to fall in love with. CHECK OUT

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum | This adorable spray bottle makes for quick and easy full body moisturization and the scent makes for a summer to remember. Make this part of your pre-summer routine for bright, smooth skin and that vacay attitude.  CHECK OUT

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