So, you’ve gone keto — the high-fat, low carb way of life that promises a rocket-powered metabolism, a lean figure and plenty of mental and physical energy (learn all about the benefits here). In case you’re not down for snacking on a spoonful of ghee in the middle of your workday, these four fat bombs are the ultimate keto snack.

On the keto diet, healthy fats make up between 50 – 70% of your daily food intake with the intention of kick-starting ketosis, a process where your body burns fat as energy. Especially in the beginning as your body adjusts to keto living, cravings for sugar can ramp, which makes snacking not only a delicious perk but an essential step to staying on track.

Ahead, we’re sharing a few of our favorite keto snacks — fat bombs with flavors ranging from everything bagel to cookie dough. We’ve found the best the internet has to offer: vegan, savory, dessert-like. Remember, fats should be clean and well-sourced just like anything we eat. These easy-to-prep keto snacks will satisfy any type of craving, and give you an extra spark of energy.

Vegan Coconut Butter Fat Bombs | Made with walnuts, hemp seeds, and coconut butter, these fat bombs are as perfect for the morning as they are for dessert. READ MORE
Everything Bagel + Lox Fat Bomb | This savory, smart recipe from Health Starts in the Kitchen is made with cultured organic cream cheese. READ MORE
Maple Almond Fudge Fat Bomb | Is this real life? We’re shocked these keto snacks from Buns in My Oven look and taste like candy, but it’s actually good for you. READ MORE
Cookie Dough Fat Bomb | This killer recipe from Fit Mom Journey is a cookie dough lover’s dream. We recommend going with almond over peanut butter, and use grass-fed butter, not conventional. READ MORE

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  2. What’s with all the weird sweeteners? Just leave it out!

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