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With Love: Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Love Is Made For Two: Lover's Tea and Heath Ceramics Teapot

Tea for two - or tea for all the single ladies in your life! Your choice. This Lover's Tea by Tay Tea fills a pot to the brim with roses, lavender and a few aphrodisiacs - romance in a cup to be sure. But we also love a good tea party and if you're celebrating Valentine's Day with the ladies this year - we say it's the perfect occasion! Lay out a spread of cookies, teas and sandwiches and put on this kettle by Heath Ceramics. Your single friends will love you for it and possibly think of you a little more fondly for using such chic kitchenware!

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Gone are the days of cardboard mailboxes covered in glitter and red construction paper. But now that we’re all grown up, we still can’t resist swiping up a few Valentines Day gifts each year to keep the fun of February in full effect. Whether you’re packing lunches, sweetening up a far away friend’s day or aiming the look of love at a new Valentine this year, we’ve got a sweet gift for everyone on your list.

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