Trick Or Treat? We Tried 7 Unusual Gummy Supplements From Collagen To CBD

Trick or treat? Gummy supplements formulated by brands we trust are most certainly a treat — and an unexpected way to add nutrition to your lifestyle in a way that’s actually kind of fun.

Sugary candy doesn’t hold the exclusive on that gummy texture most of us love so much. Hack your love of candy and gummies to work supplements like these into your routine after lunch or in the afternoon. Here are seven functional gummy supplements we’re loving now…

Half Day CBD Gummies in Blissful Berry If you’re looking for additional tools to help you keep your cool throughout the workday, look no further. There’s no denying that, along with being a legitimate delivery system for supplemental nutrients, gummies give us a little lift just by being so gosh darn cute. Half Day’s CBD Gummies come in a really great range of flavors and offer a dose of CBD designed for both overall wellness and an increased sense of calm. The most fun way to boost your wellness this month, hand’s down. SHOP NOW 
gaia everday elderberry gummies
Gaia Herbs Everyday Elderberry Gummies | Old-fashioned elderberry syrup and supplements have become more popular over the last few years. There couldn’t be a better time for this immune-boosting berry to come back in style. Gaia Herbs’ Elderberry Gummies are an absolute treat, but also packed with a ton of herbal immune support. They also come in a Kid’s Formula that’s hard not to love. SHOP NOW

hum nutrition gummies

HUM Nutrition’s Glow Sweet Glow Vegan Gummies Obsessed with hyaluronic acid in your skincare? Try the edible version in HUM Nutrition’s skin hydrating gummy supplement designed to stimulate collagen production (vitamin C) and help skin retain vital moisture (vitamin E and hyaluronic acid). SHOP NOW 

ZHOU Nutrition Screen Eyes Gummies | The most unexpectedly useful wellness product of the year? A gummy vitamin designed to defend the eyes against countless hours of screen time. Zhou Nutrition (a brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine) formulated this gummy with marigold flower extracts rich in lutein and zeaxathin isomers intended to support optimal vision and eye health. SHOP NOW
 zhou k2 d3 gummies

Zhou Nutrition K2 + D3 Gummies Another Zhou Nutrition product, these Vitamin D3 supplements are the perfect solution for those of us who get ‘pill fatigue’, becoming easily overwhelmed by popping too many pills and vitamins. Vitamin D is crucial for our immunity and K2 helps us metabolize it well. Add these to your regimen or grab them for a loved one who is pill-averse. SHOP NOW

gol acv gummies

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies This gummy may have a learning curve. A vinegar gummy? For those who aren’t familiar, raw apple cider vinegar is a nutritional powerhouse providing multitude of health benefits including metabolism support thanks to a high concentration of acetic acid. The vinegar itself tastes as potent as a wellness elixir can be, so Goli’s gummies are an incredible solution for those who just can’t stomach a swish of the stuff. SHOP NOW

Alive! Teen Gummy Multivitamins Teenagers might be one of the toughest family members to get on a supplement regimen. And it could be that a gummy multivitamin can make that whole debate much simpler. This daily multivitamin is designed for teens and includes Lutemax 2020 to help shield and filter blue light from over-exposure to tech specifically. A blend of fruit and veggie powders with vitamins and minerals, including B-vitamin complex, might make this a big leap forward in a ‘cheese-pizza only’ type of tween lifestyle. SHOP NOW
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