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Our readers don’t joke around when it comes to living well. Wellness is a lifestyle and, if we do it right, it can be pretty fun. The initial disciplines of detoxing our homes, taking supplements and sticking to sweat sessions, often become total passions as we begin to feel the fruits of all our efforts.

Whether a devoted reader sent you this link as a shoppable wish list or you’re about to shoot it out to Santa yourself, we’ve got a few things in mind we think that any of our hardcore readers will love…

11 Gifts For The Wellness Obsessed

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer | (Shown above) As far as we’re concerned this is the Goldilocks of juicers. The Nama is a “slow” juicer, meaning it extracts the maximum quality of nutrients from your ingredients without damaging them. You can pile in your ingredients and it’ll run on it’s own until you’re ready to pour, and ‘s effortless to clean. We wern’t sure what to expect when we first tried Nama, but now we recommend it to everyone. It’s the easiest juicer out there and removes all our excuses for whipping up a tall glass of greens!

Bala Weighted Bangles | (Shown above) This is how you reinvent a category. Bala makes the prettiest weighted workout bangles out there, making workouts a bit more fun to slip into. Find a gorgeous color they’ll love and check out their weighted bar and other pretty tools too. The perfect gift for your anyone who enjoys working out at home.

wellness gifts ear seedsWTHN Ear Seeds Kit | Ear seeding is a fun and accessible way to explore acupressure. There are many pressure points in the ear, and these crystal and gold-plated seeds promise to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore hormonal balance and more when applied to the proper places. Learn more. 

higher dose infrared sauna
Higher Dose Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna | It’s become less and less unusual to find that an LA friend has a walk-in sauna at home. Sweating away in one of these beauties is the ultimate wellness ritual, helping the body to detox and melting away stress as you swelter. Higher Dose’s step-in sauna will set you back — a delightful splurge for anyone looking to make their home a haven of health. For a smaller investment — and for smaller spaces — you can grab Higher Dose’s sauna blanket instead!

medterra cbd

Medterra functional CBD gummy sampler | Have a friend who is passionate about wellness, but not sure exactly what they’re into? CBD gummies are a pretty safe bet.

There’s a reason this incredible stuff has trended so hard without fading. CBD has a cumulative effect on our health, and helps us deal with concerns of the moment too — from stress to sleep. Medterra’s gift set includes 45 of their best-selling gummies: Sleep Tight, Keep Calm, and Focus. Each gummy contains a blend of functionally-supportive ingredients like ashwagandha for calm and l-theanine for focus!

theragun gifts
Theragun Massage Gun | Percussive recovery tools have become a huge market, and Theragun started it all. We met with Theragun’s founder back at. launch and found his mission compelling, but the product really speaks for itself. It may look intimidating at first, but a few rounds of Theragun massage on a tight quad or up and down the back and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.wellness gifts supplements
Ritual Multivitamin Subscription | Ritual makes one of the most responsibly-made multis out there and a year subscription will be delivered to your giftee’s door for a full year! The gift of not having to think about this basic health staple for 12 months is priceless. Pick up a subscription for yourself while you’re at it.

Seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic Subscription | Seed is the probiotic that changed the game for so many of us. The beautifully-packaged brand is on a mission to help people understand the profound promise of probiotics, reaching far beyond gut health alone. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak: most Seed users we know report better digestion, less bloating and healthier-looking skin.

muse headset review
Muse 2 Meditation Headset | Emotional and mental health are being talked about and prioritized more than ever now, and we applaud it. The Muse headset makes a great gift to unwrap the 25th and fuss with through New Year’s to assist you in better meditations. Several of our most trusted pros have recommended the Muse. Meditations include sounds of nature for calm, guided rhythms for the heart, paced breathwork, and more.

ultimate wellness gifts
AeroPilates Pro Reformer | The at-home fitness craze boomed in 2020 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Start a pilates practice with your own reformer and link up with any number of online course offerings. If you love visiting a studio each week, use a reformer at home to amp up those days in between.

wellness gifts crystal singing bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls |  It’s easy to understand the connection between music and well-being, but singing bowls take this to the next level. The ever-popular “sound bath” has become a mainstay in restorative yoga classes and even social events. Gift someone mindful of the need for inner and outer harmony with the incredible gift of their own set of bowls. Each one resonates at a different frequency, allowing the user to enjoy a number of resonating tones that have to be experienced to be understood.

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