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Fall is for warm drinks, woven sweaters and snuggly nights in – but don’t get too cozy just yet. This transitional season is also prime for revamping the routines we’ve been rocking all summer, including the fitness classes we’re hitting up on the reg.

If, like us, you’re looking for a new workout worth committing to, we’ve got plenty of fresh inspo for you below. From sexy new boxing studios to celeb-adored training on-demand, our team has scouted out the best fitness classes to fall in love with this season. Scroll through, pick one that suits your current headspace, grab a friend and let’s get sweaty…

Stress Case: BOXING | 
If you’re over-stressed, over-caffeinated, and/or on the verge of a breakdown…. There’s nothing like the high-intensity atmosphere of a boxing class to bring us back down to earth when we’re spiraling. A hardcore sweat-sesh with a personal punching bag gives us a giant dose of endorphins and a much needed outlet. Learn about the benefits of boxing here from the founders of our fave local studio, Box Union.

New mama: Streaming Workouts | If you’re a new mama, or just an extremely busy person… You barely have time to breathe – never mind drive to a studio, take a class, recover from the class etc. – and we get it, but that doesn’t mean you you need to forego your fitness goals. Celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson and Lauren Kleban of LEK Fit offer online classes you can click open and stream whenever you have a sec to spare.

Summer recoverY: Barre | If you’ve spent all summer sitting… whether you’ve been planted on planes, at a desk, or just AC-adjacent, barre is the best workout for lifting, firming and toning an under-active tush. We love the feeling of strutting out of class  but what we love even more about barre is that we can work on the moves at home too! Check out a few of our faves here.

feeling aggressive; Climbing | If you like a challenge… there’s a reason why the classes at celeb-adored climbing studio, Rise Nation, are only 30-minute long. They are intense. They’re also majorly effective for toning muscles and torching fat.

for the achiever: Bootcamp | If you’re all about efficiency… you want a workout that works, and ain’t got time to waste. Hit up Barry’s Bootcamp, Burn 60 or Orange Theory for HIIT classes that use circuit training to get you in amazing shape, guaranteed.

post-happy hour: Spinning | If you’ve been going a little too hard at happy hour… an indulgent summer calls for a cardio-heavy follow-up, and spinning is the ultimate. If you’re not yet clued into why studios like Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel have such a committed following, take a class – you’ll instantly get why spinning has become such a phenomenon.

for the non-worker-outer: Dance Fitness | If you low-key hate working out: dance-inspired workouts like those by Nicole Winhoffer and Lauren Kleban will get you moving, will keep you moving, and are so fun you might not even realize you just sweat out half your body weight and activated muscles you’ve never met before.

tried it aLL? Aqua Cycling | If you’ve tried them all… think you’ve made your way through every workout worth trying? Think again. One NYC studio merged two of our fave fitness classes into one weird but uber-challening workout. Learn all about this low-impact, high-intensity hybrid here.

for mental stimulation: Yoga + Meditation | If your bod is fine, but your brain is out of control… sweating can do wonders for a high-strung wellness warrior, but you need a bit of balance too. New studios like Sky Ting in NYC and WOOM Center make it easy to get addicted to the ancient arts of yoga and meditation – and the myriad of mind-body benefits that come with each. Not ready to roll out your mat in a class? Discover a few of our favorite at-home yoga routines here!

What’s your current workout obsession?
Dish on your fave fitness classes below and discover more inspo here!

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