I Used Crystals To Help Me Deal with Burnout — Here’s What I Did

Crystals won’t cure your burnout lifestyle, but they can be used as tools to help you get back to feeling like yourself. How helpful are crystals for burnout? The crystal healing ladies behind Energy Muse are sharing aa personal experience and how they used these beautiful stones and the rituals that surround them to ground and find balance…

Earlier this summer, I was feeling totally burnt out. I’d been working non-stop—albeit on exciting things—but it turns out that you can experience burnout even from a job you love. So, I turned to the crystal world to help me overcome the symptoms of burnout.

Through that experience, I found some of the most effective and instantaneous ways to manage symptoms of burnout using crystals. And while the only real way to end the cycle of burnout is to make a significant shift in your energy output, these crystal hacks can definitely help you plug into a more balanced and energized state of being.

5 Crystals That Could Help You Beat Burnout

Here are some of my favorite crystals for burnout and how I use them to prevent my emotional state from escalating when I’m starting to feel burnt out:

Find Calm with Blue Lace Agate | Blue Lace Agate is an extremely calming and soothing crystal that can guide you out of a chaotic state. When you feel stressed, tense or overwhelmed, Blue Lace Agate helps you release those feelings from your energy field. Because burnout is a result of prolonged stress, Blue Lace Agate is a powerful crystal to help stop symptoms of burnout in their tracks.

How to use: Place your Blue Lace Agate crystal over your pulse point on your wrist and hold it there for one minute to slow down and reach a state of calm. | CHECK OUT

Rest and Relax with Amethyst | Amethyst helps you find inner peace, no matter what’s going on externally. Like a mini-trip to the spa, connecting with an Amethyst crystal provides a much-needed dose of relaxation. Not only can this help you find a moment of relief from the stressors around you, but it can also enhance your sleep. A good night’s rest is critical for healing and returning to your natural state of being, and using Amethyst can help you get the rest you need to feel your best.

How to use: Before bed, place your Amethyst crystal over your third eye (just above the center of your eyebrows) for peace and relaxation. | CHECK OUT

Get Grounded with Hematite | Hematite is a grounding stone, both physically and energetically. It weighs more than you would expect, which roots you into the Earth and the present moment on a physical and energetic level. Part of what contributes to burnout is the feeling of unsettledness that comes from constantly doing too many things and thinking about everything you have to accomplish. That “go-go-go” tendency can be exhausting, and leave you feeling disconnected from your foundation. Hematite’s grounding energy allows you to regain your sense of stability and focus on what you are doing right now, rather than future-tripping and going into overdrive.

How to use: Hold one Hematite crystal in each hand to find balance and grounding when you feel overwhelmed. | CHECK OUT

Manage Anxiety with Lepidolite | Lepidolite naturally contains lithium, which can help to stabilize emotions and aid in stress and anxiety management. If continued feelings of anxiety have left you feeling drained and depleted, Lepidolite can help you better address and navigate anxiety to prevent burnout.

How to use: Hold your Lepidolite crystal in your dominant hand and follow this breathing pattern for one minute: Inhale for five seconds, hold for five, exhale for five. | CHECK OUT

Gain Clarity with Clear Quartz | Sometimes all it takes is a clear mind to move through stress, exhaustion and burnout. Clear Quartz helps you separate yourself from hectic and chaotic thoughts running through your head so you focus on what you really need to destress and care for yourself. When you’re feeling burnout coming on strong, use Clear Quartz to re-asses and re-evaluate how to spend your time and energy to serve you better.

How to use: Hold a Clear Quartz crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths to clear your mind. | CHECK OUT

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