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Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? We probably don’t need to tell you about how wonderfully versatile this cruciferous veg is, since over the last year or two this unassuming plant has shown up all over the place; in the form of cauli ‘steaks’ at our favorite LA restaurants and cauli ‘rice’ in every grocery store aisle.

Fiber-rich and full of phytonutrients, this anti-inflammatory plant is delicious roasted whole, soup-ified or even swirled into a smoothie. It even works as a low-carb dupe for everything from pizza crust to waffles.

From the best ways to make flavorful cauliflower rice to a smart way to prepare Trader Joe’s cult-status cauliflower gnocchi, we’ve gathered the best cauliflower recipes we’ve ever shared to inspire healthy meals morning, noon and night…

The 12 Best Cauliflower Recipes To Fall In Love With Now

SAVORY CAULIFLOWER WAFFLES| These waffles are made mostly of cauliflower chopped to the fine texture of rice. They’re a surprisingly delicious alternative to classic, sugary waffles. Instead of maple syrup and butter, these are topped with a creamy mixture of smashed peas, ricotta and herbed goat cheese. READ MORE

cauliflower smoothieSTRAWBERRY BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE WITH COLLAGEN + CAULIFLOWER | If you haven’t tried adding cauliflower to your morning smoothie, give this recipe a whirl. The unexpected addition adds fiber and makes for a creamy texture. The cauliflower flavor is essentially undetectable when paired with delicious ingredients like berries and rosewater. READ MORE

CAULIFLOWER, POMEGRANATE + PISTACHIO SALAD | Crafted almost entirely out of fresh veggies and flavorful herbs, this seasonal dish is healthy but quick to pull together, and 100% crave-worthy. The recipe comes form chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook, Ottolenghi SIMPLE, which showcases his sophisticated style in a stripped down format specifically designed for busy people.  READ MORE

whole roasted cauliflowerWHOLE ROASTED CAULIFLOWER | When it comes to finding the best cauliflower recipes, sometimes less is more. A whole head of cauliflower looks perfectly dramatic as the centerpiece of a meal. This whole roasted cauliflower recipe from Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen is plant-based eating at it’s best – simple, sophisticated and 100% delicious.READ MORE

CAULIFLOWER APPLE SOUP | This sweet and savory cauliflower apple soup is creamy yet clean, light yet filling, simple yet impressive — in a word, perfect. READ MORE

HERBED CAULIFLOWER SOUP | Cauliflower the easiest way to make a luxuriously creamy non-dairy soup. TIn this recipe, the healthy fats in cashews contribute to a richer, smoother texture while fresh herbs amp up the flavor and antioxidant content. Make a batch of cauliflower soup on a sleepy Sunday, distribute it across a few glass jars, and enjoy this belly-warming blend all week. READ MORE

Best Cauliflower RecipesWARM CAULIFLOWER SALAD WITH SPICED CHICKPEAS | This quickie one-pan recipe from certified wellness expert and bestselling author, Robyn Youkilis, is an ideal blend of flavor and gut-friendliness. READ MORE

CRUNCHY SPICED CAULIFLOWER TACOS WITH AVO-LIME DRESSING | In this vegan taco recipe from our friends at Food Matters, spicy roasted florets are used in place of meat – and we doubt you’ll miss it. Pair this spicy filling with tangy avo dressing and gluten-free homemade tortillas, and you’ve got yourself the perfect weeknight meal READ MORE

CAULIFLOWER RICE BOWLS WITH SUMMER SQUASH + CITRUS SUPRÊMES | In this fresh recipe from EatRealFood‘s Heather Cox, raw cauliflower rice crumbles provide the perfect base for a light, lettuce-less salad. Topped with thin slices of summer squash, crispy radish, and perfect little orange gems, this all-veg bowl captures the bright flavors – and unadulterated nutrition – of summer produce in each bite. READ MORE

cauliflower gnocchiCAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI| Low-carb and gluten-free, this cult-status cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joes is made with cauliflower, cassava flour, a little salt and little else. Wildly popular for the grocer, healthy as can be — but incredibly difficult to make correctly, according to the internet. We’ll show you how.  READ MORE

THREE-CHEESE CAULIFLOWER GRATIN | This cauliflower gratin from the Cherry Bombe cookbook comes from Anna Weinberg — the restaurateur who brought us San Francisco’s Park Tavern, The Marlowe, Leo’s Oyster Bar, and The Cavalier. The gratin is a picture-perfect addition to any holiday dinner spread or when you’re just in need of a little indulgence. READ MORE

HOW TO MAKE CAULIFLOWER RICE FOUR WAYS | Cauliflower rice is one the best cauliflower recipes ever; period. Master the basic template for making cauliflower rice and then the sky is the limit with the variations you can make. We’re sharing recipes for Spanish rice, curries rice, Indian-spiced rice, and vegan cheezy rice. READ MORE

Have you tried any of these recipes? Tell us what you do with cauliflower in the comments! 

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