live the process shorts

It was just 2018 when we first posted a close up of designer bike shorts and asked followers if they were into or anti the fitnesswear trend. Everyone — including quite a few fashion influencers! — chimed in to give the trend a hard pass. Fast forward to summer 2020 and we really can’t imagine surviving a week without the modern staple. Sometimes it takes years, a little social acclimation and few re-imagined designs before a peak trend seems wearable, but there is no doubt that bike shorts are here to stay. Here are a few modern fitnesswear pieces we’re loving now..

live the process shorts

Live The Process Geometric Shorts | Classic, soft and surprisingly flattering, this version of bike shorts is high-waisted and easy to pair with just about anything in your workout wardrobe. The most modest and comfortable take is with an oversized sweatshirt. Consider swapping out your usual leggings for a few pairs of these for the summer.

bandier dress

Bandier Rivington Dress | We’re seeing workout dresses everywhere, from Outdoor Voices to Bandier and Lululemon. While we can’t say we’ve gone on a run or down a full yoga session in one, they are great for lounging, flying and working from home. It’s easy to fit in a few squats or crunches between emails in an outfit like this, which also makes us feel a bit more put together.

cos performance leggings

COS Performance Leggings | Compression leggings are also a trend we’re seeing more and more of. Compression technology is a dream come true: boosting lymphatic circulation by simple wearing them. More on this soon!

bandier zen hoodie gray

Bandier Zen Hoodie |Are matching sweat sets the new power suit? At least while we’re all working remotely, the answer is definitely yes. Head-to-toe sweats in vintage grey like this set from Bandier or in full-on tie dye are one of our favorite fitnesswear looks this year. We’re seeing them in every color of the rainbow and can’t get enough.

target loose pants

Mid-Rise Practice Pants| Another surprisingly flattering modern staple are drop-crotch pants. Often tightly tapered at the angle and flowy as can be up top, if you find the right pair you may never take them off. This style of pant can be floppy and unflattering if you choose the wrong style. There are so many versions available, the key is in finding the right fit.


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