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Beauty For Your Skin Type: 6 Essentials For Youthful Skin
Wrinkle Wrestler: 37 Extreme Actives

We talk to a whole lot of ladies in the natural beauty industry and time and again 37 Extreme Actives comes up. A supercharged formula meant to replace your lotions, serums and creams of all kinds and rich in over 30 anti-aging, all-natural ingredients, this cream focuses on more than fighting just wrinkles alone. Founder, Dr. Macrene, makes it her goal to target every sign of skin aging and, unfortunately, there are more than a few! Luckily 37 Extreme Actives is designed to fight them all.

Stay tuned for more from the radiant Dr. Macrene herself as she visits with us about battling signs of skin aging on The Chalkboard soon!



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