Close-up of a woman's abdomen with two hands ready for a pelvic massage

Our bodies are built to take care of themselves, but sometimes they need an extra hand… or two, depending on your technique. Women’s health expert, Nicole Granato, is sharing the benefits of pelvic massage, and simple instructions to try it at home…

Working with women suffering from PCOS and hormonal imbalances, my greatest focus is breaking stagnation in the body and improving blood circulation, primarily in the uterus and ovaries. While we focus on this through food and exercise we can also greatly improve blood flow and stagnation through uterus massage work — also known as pelvic massage.

I have recently begun offering blood stagnation unblocking body work; after working with dozens of women breaking up stagnation and helping to improve blood flow we have seen major differences in their bodies! Women suffering from cysts have experiences their cysts exit their bodies while some women who have not had a regular menstrual cycle are experiencing healthy periods.

Our bodies can do so much of its own healing with a little extra care. Here are a few things that happen to your body when you have stagnant blood…

Gut Health. Our digestive system is one of the most sensitive and yet important organs in our body. When our blood is stagnant it can greatly effect our digestive system. This includes bloating, irregular bowel movements, pain and gas. Breaking stagnation through the uterus will greatly improve these symptoms.

Menstruation. Many people are not away that stagnation in the uterus can be a big cause of women not having a regular menstrual cycle. My methods when working with women who are not menstruating regularly is ensuring proper supplementation to increase iron and magnesium levels along with breaking blood stagnation through body work or with our Detox supplement.

Energy Levels. Breaking stagnation is essential for high energy levels throughout the day. Through over caffeinating our bodies our adrenal glands are suffering the consequences. If we would work on stagnation and promoting healing blood flow our caffeine intake would need to be dramatically less allowing us to feel more energy and feel over all healthier.

Skin + Hair. Believe it or not, stagnation in the body can greatly effect skin and hair. Improving blood flow is essential to a natural glow and full vibrant looking hair.

How To Try It:

To do this at home: simply get your favorite oil or body butter, lay on your back and take a few deep breaths, placing your hand on your lower abdominal.

Begin with light pressure and move your hand clockwise around your uterus. While you do this continue to breathe. You can add more pressure or less. Feel your body, close your eyes and connect with yourself.

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