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Our bedrooms are sacred space. We love these effortless bedroom feng shui tips from the crystal whisperer at Energy Muse. Rearrange simple objects, pick up the right crystals and check out these simple steps to bring love, balance, and the best vibes ever into the bedroom…

Ignite your inner Aphrodite and supercharge your bedroom with the power of love. By implementing crystals and feng shui techniques into your room design, you can master the energy of your space.

Often when we talk about the chemistry between people, what we’re really referring to is their energy. When the energy is positive, love flourishes. On the flip side of that, when we’re not paying attention to the energy in our relationship, our romance can suffer. It works the same for those looking for love. Attracting others to you is about opening yourself up on a spiritual level. Energy blocks can be interpreted as dull or even uninviting to those first meeting us. Through fostering loving energy within our space and ourselves, we can better nourish our relationships with compassion, transparency, vitality and spontaneity.

As always, creating the life you want starts with you. We can’t always change others, but we can decide to shift the way we approach them. Feng shui symbolically charges your bedroom, so that every time you enter it, you are reprogramming your mind with the energy that you want to hold within yourself. These crystal and feng shui tips for bringing the energy of love into your most intimate space will stir the energy of self-love within you, so that you can pass that love onto others.

Cover the Mirrors

Before you bring crystals into your room, you first need to trick-out your space with some basic feng shui. The first step is to cover your mirrors. Covering the mirrors in your room has nothing to do with being less vain and everything to do with creating better feng shui. Mirrors represent intruding third parties, and you want to do everything you can to keep your bedroom rid of those. Similarly, if there is a beam dividing the room, do what you can to adjust the bed underneath it so that it is not between you and your partner. A beam that divides the bed is seen as representing divisiveness in the relationship.

A Pair of Mandarin Ducks

According to ancient feng shui lore, Mandarin ducks promote an air of love. These ducks, which are common in China, mate for life. They symbolize a loyal and loving pairing. Place them in your room to bring harmony and devotion into your space. It’s important to keep the pair together, to represent a happy partnership. Additionally, you can place other images or art around your room that represents loving couples. Images of just one person can stir the wrong energy, as they represent the solitary person. If you are looking to attract love, but don’t like art featuring people, try peonies over the bed, as peonies are symbols of love. They can be seen on many Chinese fans, which also make for great bedroom decor. Just be careful not to overdo it. You want to make the room as sparse as possible, because clutter in the room brings a cluttered energy to your space and mind.

Create a Love Altar

Love altars are like mood lighting for energy – they set the ambience. Altars are sacred spaces because they hold our most intimate, desired energy. Your altar is a designated area of significance, where you can place treasured trinkets and crystals that bring love to mind. A piece of art depicting Aphrodite, a photograph of you and your partner, your grandmother’s wedding ring or a rose quartz point are all examples of things that you can place on your altar to facilitate the energy of love. If you have a Ganesh statue, place him on the altar facing east, and make an offering — he loves sweets! A bowl of water to be changed out daily works as an easy offering, or some people like to even offer a fresh flower. If you have a small lamp, place it on the altar. Keep the lamp on all day to light up your love life.

Crystals, Crystal, Crystals

Okay, now that we’ve got the room decked out in love feng shui, it’s time to bring in the crystals. In my opinion, the best crystals for the bedroom are rose quartz, amethyst and selenite.

You’ll want to place the selenite under the bed and on the window sill. This is a highly cleansing stone and will elevate the positivity within your room while getting rid of negativity.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. It emits an energy that opens your heart chakra to self-love, romantic love and universal love. Partner your rose quartz crystals with amethyst crystals. While the rose quartz nurtures your heart, amethyst nourishes your third eye. It aids you in making decisions from a calm state of mind. Known for its ability to assist addicts in breaking bad habits, amethyst is also ideal for those who need to break negative patterns in love. The partnership of rose quartz and amethyst will be powerful in cultivating a symbolic and vibrational energy of harmonious love.

Amethyst Under the Bed

When we were young, we feared the monster under our bed. As adults, the fears we have in bed are less fantastical. Worries about work, the future, finances and our romantic life create a flurry of anxieties so chaotic, it’s enough to make us want to pull the sheets over our heads. Needless to say, this is neither a healthy nor sexy energy to be wrapped in. Calm the mind by conquering your stress monster. Amethyst is an ideal crystal for the bedroom because it soothes the third-eye chakra, and relieves the brain of anxieties. Any emotional pain that you are holding onto will benefit from the purifying energy of amethyst. From a state of tranquility, amethyst guides you with ease toward a more restful night’s sleep. An amethyst under the right side of the bed will strengthen the serene, feminine energy of your home. If you can, tie an amethyst cluster to your bed post with a piece of red string. It should be on the right side, from the same point of view as when you’re lying in bed.

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