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Self-care can sometimes feel like the thing we fit in between everything else: a sheet mask while we’re doing laundry, or a deep-breathing exercise when we’re sitting in traffic. The art of bathing is making a comeback as something that requires total presence and is likely to induce total relaxation — and some beautifying benefits — as a result. The green beauty gurus behind NYC’s CAP Beauty are sharing a few of their favorite bathing rituals to try out this winter…

It’s bath season (at least on the East Coast!) and there are few things we love more than the ritual of a hot soak. When cooler temperatures hit we rely on baths to heat us up and guide us to a state of bliss, relaxation and calm. And with options that nourish, detox or put us to sleep, there’s one for every mood. Pick your potion, turn on the water and get ready for a good soak.

bathing rituals green bathtubHydration | For a hydrating bath, try an oil. Butter Elixir’s Body and Hair Oil is a CAP Beauty favorite. You can apply to your skin first and then get in the tub or add the oil straight to the water. Whichever method you prefer, expect supreme and intensely moisturized skin. Be sure to wipe down the tub afterwards — there will be oil residue left behind, and be especially mindful if you share a shower with said tub.

Purifying | For a purifying and deeply detoxifying bath, we always turn to Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. This powder works with the hot water by heating you up intensely and sweating out anything you don’t need. This is our favorite ritual for when we feel a cold coming on. A 20-minute soak (we mean sweat), followed by a cold shower and a warm blanket wrapped tight almost always kicks a virus.

Calming | And for a calming bath, there’s nothing better than the classic Epsom salt version. When we want a fully regenerative experience, we turn to the Kalahari Desert Detox by African Botanics. We go heavy on the salt, pouring in at least four cups. We keep it super hot and stay in for as long as we can. Followed by a cup of tea, a good book and an early night, we head straight to dreamland.

Winter is coming.

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