Baskets, Maps + Jars: 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas We Love

There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a good gift, whether it’s done with reckless abandon or precious restraint. We’re all about ripping up that traditional glossy print wrapping paper, but, whether for the sake of time or eco-friendliness, there are other options for wrapping gifts too.

Here are a few smart choices from our friends at Hello, Natural. If you’re waited ’til the eleventh hour, these quick and eco ideas just might save the day…


Reusable Canvas Bags

This is one of the most popular eco-friendly options out there. You can find bags of all sizes, made from different materials (canvas is a sturdy option) and closure styles. I have seen friends make giant bags out of holiday fabric for Santa to fill. The top is tied with a ribbon with a name tag for each child.

Woven Baskets

This is a great option because there are so many different shapes and sizes of baskets. I used one for my homemade hot cocoa gift. They are easy to find and usually inexpensive. (I’m always trying to be frugal!) They are great for food gifts especially, but work great for other gifts too. Just be sure to use baskets that are sturdy enough for the gift so the bottom doesn’t break when lifted.

Recycled +Repurposed Paper

Reuse brown paper bags, maps, sheet music, pages from old encyclopedias, craft paper, etc. This is probably the easiest, least expensive option because chances are you already have all you need on hand. You can make it pretty and festive by decorating the paper. This is also a fun option that kids can help with – painting, stenciling, stamping, coloring, etc, to personalize the wrapping for friends and family.

Fabric Wrap Up

Use large pieces of fabric, napkins, dishtowels, or scarves in place of wrapping paper. The cloth could be part of the gift, or something you make for gift wrapping purposes to use over and over again. Thrift and antique stores are a great place to look for napkins and small tablecloths. To secure the cloth on the present, use twine, ribbon, yarn, or jute to gather at the top, or you could even fasten with safety pins.

Mason + Weck Jars 

This is one of my favorite ways to give gifts. They’re not just for food gifts either! Inside that jar, I’ve wrapped up a necklace, some lotion and lip balm. If you want, you can line it with tissue paper (saved from a shopping bag) or fabric (scarf, napkin, etc.) to preserve the element of surprise.

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