Women don’t come in one shape and size, and for the first time since her debut in 1959, the iconic American girls’ toy, Barbie doesn’t either. You may have heard. 

Mattel’s recent announcement of Barbie’s makeover has caused a media sensation this winter and we’re sharing this point of discussion from our friends over at Darling Magazine to get the discussion going…

Long under scrutiny for her unrealistic body proportions, Mattel recently announced that Barbie will now be available in three new body sizes: petite, curvy and tall. As a “…nod to growing up girl in our culture right now,” many are wondering why it took Mattel so long to finally address concerns that mothers (and women) have had for decades.

But is this change enough? Watch the above clip and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are we still making too big of a deal over a woman’s — even a doll’s — body? Or is this finally a step in the right direction of breaking down impossible beauty ideals?

What are your thoughts on the Barbie controversy? Are the new body types an overstep by Mattel? Are they the kind of changes you think women needed to see? Or do you think that Barbie’s unrealistic, but glamorous styling is all all a part of the innocent tradition of doll play? Weigh in and click through here to check out the whole story at Darling Magazine. 

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