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Maybe it’s your daily glass of green juice or vitamin D supplements. Maybe it’s brewing the perfect cup of coffee or rolling out your yoga mat. Maybe it’s a simple as giving your loved ones a hug or remembering to take a deep breath in before you hit the road. Whether you’re Sophia Bush or just your typical (above-)average Jane, we all have our secrets to staying centered amidst the wild, sometimes unexpected zig-zags of everyday life. 

We’ve been palling around with Kate Hudson all month long, talking small victories, active lifestyles, and what it means to truly live well. This month’s Guest Editor does it all – she’s one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, a mama of two, and the founder of the fitnesswear line Fabletics – but still seems to have energy for days. Her secret? Taking life one day at a time, step by step, is the key to lasting success. Kate’s a reminder that each step of the way counts, even if you’re just making a healthy food swap or popping into a new fitness class (if you haven’t entered our Fabletics giveaway yet, head on over to Instagram to win yourself some seriously fab prizes).

It was no surprise that when we asked Kate about her favorite tips on finding balance, her answers were mind-blowingly simple. Think deep breaths, time with family, and the immense power of “no.” Grab a green juice, settle down, and check out how this fit ‘n fab beauty stays centered…

When I feel overwhelmed I...

Take 10 big, deep breaths and regroup.

My favorite way to take a break is...

Lying in the sun.

Daily necessity for sanity:


Best tactic for staying calm under fire:


Fave way to detox:

There is no favorite way, it’s just a necessity. I do food elimination cleanses – it’s easier to do food elimination than just cutting food out entirely.

Fave way to refuel and replenish energy:

Jumping around – and something with vitamin C, whether it’s Emergen-C  or a vitamin C-filled drink.

Stress-busting ritual:

Dancing and/or the sauna.

Monthly must for self-care:

A good sleep.

Mantra for slowing down:

My mantra for slowing down would be: focus on staying in the moment.

Thing that always brings me back to center:

My family.

Circumstances under which you turn off your phone:

Dinner with my family.

What's your curfew:

To be determined on a daily basis.

Where do you find sanctuary:

My bedroom.

How do you find rest in a chaotic schedule:

Being able to say “No.”

Best piece of advice ever received on balance:

That my own ability to balance will be reflected in my children.

Biggest inspirations:

I don’t have one! What inspires me is people who are a real presence in philanthropic efforts and have dedicated their lives to causes. People who inspire me are people who have reached extraordinary goals under difficult conditions.

Best reads on balance:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves and Patrick M. Lencioni.

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