What’s better than good? Fashion for good, according to the ladies of 31Bits. This is not a point that we’re reluctant to accept – especially after leafing through the latest lookbook for 31Bits collection of Ugandan-made jewelry and accessories. These baubles are no fashion-sacrifice – they’re worlds above the rubber bracelets for a cause or artisan-made charitable goods you wear as you do your children’s own handmade gifts (with love, but not much panache.) 31Bits is creating beautiful bib necklaces, layered bracelets and even a beaded wedding sash we’d buy whether charitable or no. But, of course, the brand is charitable, which makes shopping their collections a complete thrill.

Run solely on product sales, this fashion accessories brand is creating economic and educational solutions for their growing team of female artisans in Uganda. Through the creation of the African-made goods and their introduction to the U.S. market, 31Bits is able to provide fair-wage jobs, education, micro-loans and other economic opportunities to a large cross-section of women struggling to recover from decades of catastrophic war and displacement camps. We love that.

We also love that these ladies know how to keep life sane. Running a mission-driven company can too often leave the well-intended as emotionally malnourished as the folks they set out to help. It’s with that in mind that we’ve been talking to folks far and wide about how they keep their lives in balance as they go about their life’s work. Whether it’s a Hollywood career, an international cause or a house full of children that keeps each of us busy, we can all use a good reminder about the benefits of rest and self-care to keep us happy and strong. Here’s 31Bits co-founder Alli Swanson on daily necessities and finding sanctuary in the day-to-day…


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