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WE’RE SO EXCITED to be celebrating the holidays with friends and family in real life this year! Despite the drama the holidays can bring, our gratitude for these gatherings has been renewed after all that the last few years have brought our way.

If you’re thinking about cozy table settings and ways to keep your holiday menu clean, we have a question for you: Are you serving natural wine?

Drinking organic wine is as important to your health as eating organic food. Dozens of flavorants and adulterants are permitted in winemaking, most of which aren’t required to be on the label. That could things like herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides — unless, like Avaline, the bottle is labeled organic. avaline wine set offer code

We’ve partnered with Cameron Diaz’s organic wine brand, Avaline to give you some great options for friendsgiving and beyond for an exclusive 15% off with code CHALKBOARD. 

Whether you’re hosting a big dinner, packing up dishes to share with friends, or just hoping to be a great houseguest, having a few easy-to-drink organic wine selections on hand is key for holiday gatherings of all kinds!

Here’s Why You’re Seeing Avaline Wines Everywhere

Natural wines are trending big time. Launched by tastemakers Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power in 2020, Avaline makes organic wine more accessible for everyone.

Our team at The Chalkboard has been served Avaline wines at pretty much every major dinner across L.A. over the past year! That’s because Cameron and Katherine have made the wines that they want to drink. Each bottle is super-drinkable and 100% organic without added sugar or unwanted additives. Here are the ladies’ tasting notes for the wine found in the Avaline Intro Set (which is also their best available deal right now!):

White –  Dry with a touch of citrus and a crisp, fresh finish
Red  – Light to medium body with hints of cherry and the perfect touch of spice
Rosé – (Editor’s Pick!) Light and fresh, with notes of melon and zest
Sparkling – Dry, refreshing, and effervescent

Another reason we’re seeing Avaline wines everywhere? The bottles are gorgeous and look stunning on a well-dressed dining table or home bar

5 Tips For Stress-Free Holiday Hosting with Avaline

Have wines shipped right to your doorstep.
Avaline’s curated sets are ready to ship. Stock up on plenty of delicious, organic wines at least a week before your gathering. Avaline’s Intro Set is the perfect choice — start with these six bottles and find your favorites. The Intro Set saves you $25 and comes with free shipping!  

For holiday dinners, start with a Sparkling, then move to a light Rosé or Grenache Blanc with salad, and offer a big red with your main course.

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Prep everything humanly possible ahead of time.When it comes to hosting, it’s all about preparation to make the day of your party as calm as can be. Check as many details off your to-do list ahead of time as possible. That includes cleaning your space, shopping and prepping ingredients, and deciding your playlists, decorations and other details beforehand. You want the day or your event to be as simple as possible.

Day of or night before…Be sure to chill all your white wines, sparklings, and waters a few hours before guests arrive. Lay out all your serving pieces too, so that once your food is ready you know where to place each and every dish with ease.

Always pre-set your table. If you love a good tablescape as much as we do, consider setting things out the day before. Not only will this take something off of your day-of checklist, but it’ll help you remember why you decide to host a dinner in the first place. Getting the table ready will get you excited and help you feel truly prepared!

Consider a few cheats. There are plenty of cooking shortcuts that don’t involve processed ingredients. Order a crudite or cheese plate from a local purveyor. Order one of your sauces pre-made from a trusted brand or buy some of your vegetables pre-chopped.

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Remember to enjoy yourself If you’re hosting a holiday soiree at all, we’ll take a guess that you’re an extrovert hoping to delight your friends and fam. But don’t forget to enjoy the festivities yourself! Open a bottle of Avaline Sparkling at least 30 minutes before guests arrive and treat yourself to a toast for all your hard work.

If you’re a guest…Never arrive empty handed. That can be easier said than done with holidays parties popping up throughout your busy week. Check out Avaline’s gorgeous pleated gift bags, which come in sets of three. Holiday hack: keep a few bottles of Avaline by the door and pop one bottle in a pretty satin bag before you leave the house!

Shop Avaline Wines for the Holidays

New to Avaline? Start here and find your favorites. This set features 6 best-selling wines: Red, White, Rosé and Sparkling — all at a special price with free shipping. This set is for first-time customers only.

Last chance! Shop Cameron’s personal picks with The Cameron Set – $168 plus free shipping including 2 bottles of Avaline Red, 1 bottle of Merlot and 1 bottle of Sparkling. Christmas shipping cutoff is December 15 and New Year’s shipping cutoff is December 22nd! Shop for an exclusive 15% off with code CHALKBOARD. 

This story is brought to you in partnership with Avaline. From time to time, TCM editors choose to partner with brands we believe in to bring our readers special offers. 

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