Last weekend, we ventured downtown to visit one of our favorite shops, Poketo, for one of their fall workshops. We arrived to find a generous spread from Heirloom LA and a store filled with flowers, pomegranate stems and a ready set of florists-to-be from as far as New York and San Francisco.

The traveling bloom-lovers didn’t surprise us. We ourselves are obsessed with this Instagram star and workshop host Yasmine Khatib, an adorable LA-based florist whose work borrows from weekend trips to densely forested mountains and a childhood of summers in the French countryside. Her gorgeous arrangements seem to spring to life from 17th century still lifes and onto some of LA’s most stunning tabletops.

What we love most about Yasmine’s original arrangements is her inclusion of seasonal, and even edible, materials (not that anyone was hungry – check out those goodies from Heirloom!) To the workshop, she brought stems full of local, organic pomegranates, an lush addition to any autumn table. Attendees learned to work the fruits into their own gorgeous arrangements. We snapped this floral mayhem in action and picked up a few tips from Yasmine. Use her guidance to construct your own fall centerpieces and bookmark these tips for your Thanksgiving spread!

How would you describe your style:

 Romantic and organic.

Favorite way to acquire blooms:

 I love foraging. I find it to be therapeutic, invigorating, and exciting. It’s my favorite way to procure flowers and fruits for arrangements. If I’m not foraging or buying flowers from the market, I’m usually politely ask my neighbors if I may clip from their gardens. Most of them are gracious, and are more than happy to trade for other flowers.

What flowers and elements are included for the workshop attendees?

Garden roses, dahlias, lisianthus. Other elements: smokebush, bittersweet, pomegranate, persimmon, cotton

Tell us about the garland accent on the wall:

 We made this fresh garland from magnolia leaves and china berries

Best tip from the workshop:

Take several steps back from your work area. Walk around, look at other things. Return to your arrangement with new eyes – you’ll notice things you overlooked when you were hovering over your workspace.

Favorite flower to work with:


What is in your crown garland?

This flower crown is made of ilex berries, a type of holly.

Favorite element this season:

Fall fruits, especially pomegranate – these organic stems are from my own plants.

How to know if an arrangement is done:

It’s a feeling. If it feels done, it’s done.

Favorite online resource:

 Terrain.com has amazing things, especially for the holidays.


Other favorite artisans:

Valleybrink Road, Chaparral Studio,  stylist Bethany Toews and Heirloom LA. The delicious and colorful spread by Heirloom at our Poketo event was stunning!

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