TCM 12 DAYS OF HOLIDAY GIFTS: The Aura Collection Body Kit from Wildling

Welcome to the tenth day of our 12-Day Holiday Gift Guide! Join us daily for gifts we’re obsessing over, and an exclusive offer to shop for the season…

At The Chalkboard Mag, we measure time by Life Before Wildling and Life After Wildling.

In fact, our morning routine always includes their insanely effective Empress Collection, which serves to depuff, tone, and tighten the face—hear this—IMMEDIATELY. Our Editor-In-Chief swears by it and, apparently, so do you: our readers have been glued to our IGTV series with the Wildling founder and their face and body sculpting magic. 

Using Wildling’s unique gua sha stone just once leads to totally addicting results and an even more zen ritual for those looking to keep their mood (and facial muscles) UP as 2020 tries to keep us down. 

But let’s get back to the ladies who taught us everything we know about lymphatic drainage…

Gianna de la Torre, Britta Plug, and Jill Munson created Wildling with a fervor for all things gua sha. With backgrounds in skincare, holistic wellbeing, and Chinese Medicine, this power trio knows everything there is to know about how the lymphatic system holds the secrets to all things beauty and health-related.

Using proven wisdom from more than a 700-year medical practice, the women of Wildling have topped the ever-so-popular jade roller trend with a nuanced approach to gua sha. Now, they’re taking the magic they’ve given to our faces and applying it to our bodies as well.

Which brings us to—drum roll, please—our next TCM 12 Days of Holiday Gifts debut, The Aura Collection.

THE GIFT: Wildling’s The Aura Collection. This is not our first time reveling in the magic of this four-part bodywork system. Whether one time per week or several, you’ll look and feel energized and glowing (we have proof!). And with so much time at home, this is the ideal ritual to break up the day and put on your Slack’s Do Not Disturb

Each piece in this gorgeous collection works synergistically to help release tight muscles, stimulate lymph flow, and smooth out the skin’s surface. 

What’s beneath the surface…

We totally get it if you end up filling your shopping cart with the intention of gifting this to someone else, and ending up changing the shipping address to your home instead. (Been there, done that!)

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Wilding is the absolute hero for your lymphatic system and luckily, they’ve provided us with enough tutorial videos to help us through the process for a lifetime.

Here’s some Lymphatic Drainage 101. The lymphatic system is essentially your body’s waste-removal mechanism that also protects your immune system. When running smoothly, your lymphatic system keeps you feeling energized and glowing from the inside out and the outside in. However, bad sleep, stress, and too many glasses of glogg and bites of a yuletide log will slow things down, resulting in bloating, fatigue, and inflammation. 

Enter: The Aura Collection.

The Aura Collection breaks things down into the easiest four-step process:

Step 1: Detoxify Pre-shower, the Aura Sweeper—the coolest take on a normally-clunky or outdated dry brush—warms up tissues and stimulates lymph flow as the ideal first step.  

Step 2: Activate The full-body replenisher, the Aura Activator, plumps, enriches, and hydrates the skin with seaweed-infused minerals. 

Step 3: Nourish For the ultimate activation of the lymphatic processes, the Aura Oil helps to boost circulation and contour the skin, making it a ripe canvas for the secret weapon…the gua sha stone.

Step 4: Release & Smooth This is not your average gua sha stone. The Wildling multi-action, sustainably-sourced Bian stone deepens the absorption of both plant-based oils and serums while releasing tension in the muscles, fascia, and tissues. (PS: This is so, so amazing for lessening the appearance of cellulite)

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: We’re no stranger to basically every skincare tool on the market. 

That’s why we mean it when we say that our favorite of them all has become Wildling’s gua sha tool. We’re still trying to figure out how this flat, black, unassuming stone manages to transform the skin beneath the surface. 

With the introduction of The Aura Collection, Wildling is upping the ante not only for the beauty industry, but also the wellness industry at large, perfectly blending a seemingly skin-deep ritual with a holistic approach to long-term health. 

The Ladies Who Lymph (which is just a brand new term we created for the brilliant founders of Wildling) have opened the doors for women to connect with themselves in a profoundly positive, restorative manner that keeps us feeling ourselves all year long.

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