It’s baaack! Workout clothes may be fashion-y now, but they weren’t always. No one could have predicted the tracksuit trend the first time around – think Britney Spears in head to toe velour – and we didn’t see its reboot coming either, but it’s most definitely back in a very 2016 way.

Pam and Gela, the BFF lady bosses who first launched Juicy Couture, have funneled all their irreverent high-low fashion sense into a namesake brand that thrills both former Juicy junkies and their modern counterparts. The new tracksuits are all about deconstruction, neutrals and looking great while rocking a 100% comfort-oriented look. Meet Pam and Gela below and find out what’s keeping this insanely cool duo inspired now…

Obsessions of the moment:

Pam & Gela, The Collective, Gucci, Duran Duran “Paper Gods.”

How we start our day if in office:

We always start off with our favorite Pressed Juicery blend (greens 1.5) before “The Collective” brainstorm.

How we start our day if out of office:

Gela: French-pressed roast organic coffee from Urth Café, 20-minute hill walk, then Pilates.

Pam: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar before a high-intensity workout.

Athleisure in 2000 was all about…

Sexy basics, casual luxury and athleisure all began at Juicy Couture, where we created the California style that changed the world. It was all about the synergy between us and Hollywood starlets. “It” girls and rock stars put us into every fashion-aware closet from Beijing to Oslo, London to Milan. LA style arrived via velour tracksuit and insider graphics.

Athleisure in 2016 is all about…

Ripped, zipped, softer than soft – it’s the DNA of sexy edgy basics and casual luxury. Friends and fashion addicts, our obsession with the perfect T-shirt, sweatshirt and track pants continues…

Fave look in the new collection:

Shoe of choice to pair with the look:

Vintage Adidas SL72.

The Pam and Gela girl in 3 words:

Friend & fashion addict.

Current muses:

Our current muses are Gela’s daughter Ziggy Lula, AKA Zoe Nash, and Run DMC!!

Fave gyms/trainers lately:

Gela: I train at home in my Pilates studio in the clouds with my kick-ass Aussie instructor, Roberta Benkovic.

Pam: I train at home with Sandra Jersby, who has the sickest body ever! We focus on strength, core and high-intensity training.

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