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Meet designer Alison Davin. Her new book Live Natural is bound to find it’s home on every well-styled coffee table later this spring and we’re all for it. Live Natural is one part how-to guide, detailing useful tips for a non-toxic home, and another dream home mood board, showing off some of Davin’s most beautiful projects in her work at Jute Interior Design.

Davin’s designs put wellness at the forefront with a focus on nontoxic and low-waste building, and natural design elements built to last. Her designs are also the epitome of the California dream, pairing modern spaces with warm materials that’ll inspire every home lover with a love for natural living, both aesthetically and practically.

Meet Davin in our interview with the designer here and pick up the new book to enjoy from cover to cover…

My style in 3 words: Grounded, warm, textured.

My take on wellness: Embrace daily rituals that connect you to yourself and the earth, and live as cleanly as possible.natural home author

Has wellness always been a part of your design work? Yes, it’s always been a part of my design philosophy and ethos. Since the beginning of my career, I have wanted to introduce a healthier perspective to design. Most people embrace wellness in some form these days, and healthy, non-toxic design is the next frontier of a really holistic lifestyle that prioritizes wellness. We spend the majority of our time inside and it’s important that our indoor spaces have clean air. That can be achieved with mindful tweaks. 

The new book is GORGEOUS. WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW? That the book is super approachable and filled with insight, easy takeaways, and ideas to help create a healthier, well-designed home. Whether you’re already on your way toward trying to eliminate chemicals from your home (e.g. like the ones found in cleaning products) and looking to do more, or you are starting from scratch and looking to learn more about ways to create a healthier foundation; Live Natural has everything from quick fixes to bigger projects that all make a difference in creating a healthier home with better air quality and non-toxic, sustainable solutions.     living natural by ali davin

5 go-to healthy home resources: 

01 | We spend so much time in bed so my number one is an organic wool or natural latex mattress. As a bonus, these organic materials can last up to 20 years—much longer than a conventional mattress. 

02 | Chemical-free area rugs. Wool is a very durable, low-maintenance material, but you want to find one that is chemical-free. My favorite brands are Merida and Beni Rugs for this. 

03 | Toxin + HEPA filters go a long way throughout your home. I like the Rabbit Air

04 | An obvious one—but worth reminding people—is to buy natural materials (like solid wood, not wood veneer) when purchasing anything new. Materials like wood veneer contain “forever” chemicals that you do not need in your space. 

05 | Re-upholster or refinish existing or vintage pieces. Often, vintage furniture is solid wood or a natural, chemical-free material, and it’s the most sustainable option for the planet to reuse something. It’s also the healthiest option for you and your family. 

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Favorite non-VOC paint colors? My favorite paint is AFM Safecoat. You can purchase the base untinted, and then take it to a paint store of your choice to mix in any hue! It’s a game changer!

Best advice for those who are starting to build/renovate/design IN A NON-TOXIC FASHION? I hope my book Live Natural is a great first resource for this. It contains a lot of information to get you started as well as education on what is important and what to focus on. After that, consult with someone who has experience in building/renovating/design without chemicals. You can also buy a VOC meter to start testing items in your home yourself. The information a meter provides is invaluable and can help you zero in on where to start. 

Favorite natural materials lately: Solid wood, quartzite, and linen are forever favorites. 

Most over-looked aspect of wellness at home: Clean air is the key to everything.  Make an effort to practice cleaning your air just as you would clean your kitchen or wash your clothes. I have HEPA filters throughout my home, and open my windows as much as possible. Fresh outside air is cleaner than the air inside! 

Trend I’m loving lately: Spa baths. People are really leaning into devoting more square footage to luxurious bathrooms, which contributes to overall wellness. 

Trend I’m ready to see go: Engineered hardwood flooring. Except for a few European vendors, engineered flooring is not a healthy option because it’s made with layers of glue. Solid hardwood is a healthier option and will last so much longer than anything engineered. 

Signature touch: Vintage and antique pieces.  It’s the most sustainable way to furnish your home and often can be the most inexpensive option. Natural patina is a lovely way to bring in a lot of texture.

Favorite feng shui book/resource: Kate Van Horn is offering remote readings and combines feng shui basics with her intuitive gifts to really help you maximize your home’s energy. 

Biggest inspirations lately: Wellness-led properties like the Rooster in Antiparos, Greece!

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