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Whether you pop in to their Beverly Hills salon, STRIIIKE for a touch-up and their famous wine night or — like actress Mandy Moore — are lucky enough to receive house calls, the Streicher sisters will get you pretty. Ashley, Jen and Kristie Streicher have many the LA cool girl covered from hair to makeup to the perfect feathered brow.

Ashley Streicher is the hair guru of the bunch and, having mastered the messy, but glam coif, her penchant for California cool factor made the perfect match for R+Co’s latest collab. The responsible haircare brand’s first product with Streicher is an easy-to-love, easy-to-use leave-in conditioner that also acts as a beachy texturizer on wet or dry hair.

To celebrate, we asked Ashley to share her morning routine — beauty habits included. We are beauty routine junkies and more than happy to shop this pro’s great list of must-use products…

My Name: Ashley Streicher

My biz: Celebrity hair stylist, STRIIIKE co-founder and R+Co Collective Member

My morning routine in 3 words: Protect, air-dry, nourish.

Favorite moment in the morning: Coffee on the patio

Breakfast is normally… not much of a breakfast eater. I like my black coffee and sometimes a smoothie. I take my coffee black and pressed.

R+Co Ashley Streicher

on skincare: Meticulous or lazy? I think im pretty meticulous, but simple. A lot of products agitate my skin so my skincare is pretty basic.

My hair type: medium to thin, wavy.

Favorite daily hair + beauty products:

Beautycounter lipstick in RED

My A.M. skincare routine: I rinse my face with warm water and wipe it with my Croon microfiber. Then I
use Honor MD Genetically Blessed serum. After that dries I add Facile Essence hydration. Lastly, I apply Iris & Romeo 5-1.

Do you use a facialist or dermatologist?  I occasionally get facials form my long time facialist Biba De Souza in Beverly Hills.

Ashley Streicher How to pull of my signature air dry hair situation:
After washing and conditioning your hair wrap wet hair into towel turban, then work 2-4 pumps of SUN CATCHER through untouched/unbrushed wet hair.

Without disturbing too much of the natural wave that comes from the towel turban, squeeze the product onto your ends and slowly work into the rest.
Then air-dry, and remember DO NOT TOUCH! This will help prevent frizziness.Add a pump or two to dry hair whenever you need a restyle — or just to smell good!
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